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A new episode of Pie Near Woman is in the works, but Marlboro Man’s fine ass needed to go live tonite.

Got a caption for this photo?

Well… let it rip.

A copy of Bill Bryson’s Walk in the Woods or Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink goes to the winner.

Contest ends this Friday.

I attempted to watch the KU/Memphis game last night. Not because I care about pre-season college basketball, but because the Country Doctor was actually at Madison Square Garden watching the game with some of his old college buddies and I was hoping to see the lot of them on TV. Unfortunately, I was unable to devote myself to locating the CD and his entourage because I kept getting distracted by the appearance of the Memphis Tigers Coach, Josh Pastner.

Who just happens to resemble something between a greek god and Michaelangelo’s David.

I can’t locate a source for this flowchart, but whoever made it sure did a great job of making a difficult biblical concept much easier to grasp.  Fun times to be a rape victim in the bible!  But I am positive that in God’s infinite wisdom, this all somewhow makes perfect sense.  Hopefully the creator of this chart will tackle the leprosy laws next.

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Check out Fake Steve Job’s response to having his store violated by a bunch of Christian bigots.  He does not even try to mince words people!  He is HOT!  And I don’t mean Johnny Depp in a pirate suit hot.  I mean Johnny Depp in a pirate suit stabbing a bigot in the arse with hot pokers HOT!  It’s a beautiful letter and perfectly timed to maximize the Christmas cheer for free thinkers everywhere.

Thanks to Joel for passing it along.