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My Son The Documentary Filmmaker

December 13th, 2010

Drew had some friends over to make a film for science class.  Believe it or not, the subject matter was natural selection.  They decided to make a faux documentary.  Each boy was interviewed in a different room in the house talking about a new animal that had adapted to survive in a desert environment.  Drew then pieced the interviews together to make them look ‘documentaryish’.  For some reason, one of the ’discoverers’ was interviewed while sitting on the toilet in my bathroom. 



Who am I to question the learning process?

Mutant Winter Cilantro

December 13th, 2010

My first crop of cilantro came up long before I had any tomatoes ready to make salsa…

Then it went to seed and I dutifully bottled up some of those seeds because they are the spice known as coriander.

Which is a spice I never use, making this task seem doubly erratic.

But some of the seeds dropped to the ground and produced a second crop of cilantro.  This second version grows on thick purple stems and spreads out like a ground cover.  It has the same soapy taste that people either love or hate.  And just in time for Christmas dinner! 

 Because who doesn’t love a little cilantro in their eggnog!

Holy shit!  Have you seen these books?

I have been actively avoiding Amy Sedaris for years!

It was a weird David Sedaris loyalty thing.

I was protecting David!

I was keeping David holy and unsullied by not paying any attention to his sister Amy.

La la la la la la la la la la la la I can’t hear you Amy!

But about a month ago, I broke the chastity belt that kept me pure and sanctified to David and David alone and I furtively peeked inside of an Amy Sedaris book.

David Sedaris who?

I now wear an Amy Sedaris chastity belt.

I can only handle one comic genius sibling at a time.

And I plan to stay in Amy’s camp forever!

Or at least until David gets a new book out.

Must. Have. Felt. Fruit!

I recommend Amy’s books for anyone on your shopping list, but the more uptight the better. 

Perhaps your boss? 

Your pastor’s wife?

Because Amy will help them.