Festooning Mi Casa for Christmas!

December 11th, 2010

For the past several years, I have blogged about creating winter pots for outdoor holiday decoration.  Making the pots have become one of my favorite holiday traditions.

The Garden Center where I work, sells a wonderful variety of fresh evergreen boughs.  I recently brought a car full home so that I could put together my own pots.

I really enjoy working with natural materials.  They just make me feel so dang wholesome!

I used a shorter pot this year because I thought they would fit down inside of the urns in front of my house a little better.

The pots are filled with sand and then I filled the center of the pots with bright red dogwood stems.

After the stems are firmly in place, I began to add the fresh greens.  I work with them until I am happy with how they look and then I spray them with a waxy substance that helps seal moisture into the needles so they don’t dry out too fast.

Voila!  Winter pots!

Aren’t they pretty!

I used the leftover greens in a watering can by the door.

And then a few days later a fierce wind storm ripped the greens out of one pot and carried it who knows where.



  • Inga:

    Anything out there surviving the wind tonight? It is awful living on the open plains isn’t it?

    Sorry you lost your pot, that would tick me off!


  • M C:

    I love fresh evergreens–I begged my husband to let me but some at Whole Foods, (at an oddly decent price, considering the store’s nickname is Whole Paycheck) but alas no cigar.

  • I'm Rhonda, and I'm here to help:

    Sorry you lost your evergreens. I would have mimicked the “sorry you lost your pot”, but it seems sort of illegal and I’d hate to be arrested as an accessory.

  • susan:

    I LOVE your simple red chair where the can with evergreen rests – my kind of decorating. Especially when red is involved.