Creepy Christmas – The Last Creepy Gasp Before the Creepy Finale

December 21st, 2010

It is certainly creepy…

But there is a certain subtlety that seems to be missing…

Pure, unadulterated creepy American Christmas at it’s very best.

Deranged Santa?

Forced smile Santa?

Santa with murder victim in fridge Santa?

Santa is the murder victim in the fridge Santa?

Are those rosy cheeks?

Or burning coals?

Or the worst dang sunburn of his life?!?

This must be excruciating pain Santa and I don’t think those ho hos are giving him any relief!


  • Nanc in Ashland:

    Yikes! That list one–the ghost of Tammy Faye-Baker as Santa? I swear there’s lipstick and false eyelashes, too.

    • Nanc in Ashland:

      Sigh. Last one, not list one.

  • Priss:

    Deranged, murderous Santa is the creepiest I have ever seen! But that last one with his pursed lips and judgmental squinty eyes is pretty awful too. Both of those would give any kid nightmares.

  • Okay, now, I am not really creepy. I am just so damn tired.Have you ANY idea how many children there are? Could YOU do my job? No didn’t think so. Give me a break, yes? Otherwise I shall have to miss YOUR house…

  • Anne:

    So…. you don’t celebrate Christmas anymore? No tree? No presents? No nothing? I understand your beliefs and respect your right to believe how you want but your kids are okay with no Christmas? Mine would mutiny…

    • Rechelle:

      This comment makes zero sense.

    • susan:

      Anne you are an idiot. The way Christmas is “celebrated” in this day and age has lost any significance to religion. It is pure commercialism and just because Rechelle has altered her belief system personally doesnt have diddly with how she will endure the Christmas time. Stress time for most.

      • Anne:

        Sorry. Maybe I am an idiot but it was just a question. Guess I was looking for some help with how to deal with my own family.

        • Rechelle:

          Your question was very poorly phrased andI did not understand it as such. It seemed to be a thinly veiled attack of a sort that I frequently get around here. Perhaps I have grown a mite trigger happy? If you were truly looking for advice, it was completely indiscernible to me. We celebrate Christmas with all the fixin’s around here. We just leave out the part about the 13 year old virgin, impregnated by the sky god, with his god seed, who then gets born in a cow trough.

          • I love your celebration!

            “We celebrate Christmas with all the fixin’s around here. We just leave out the part about the 13 year old virgin, impregnated by the sky god, with his god seed, who then gets born in a cow trough.”

            LOL! Perfect!

            Don’t forget the 3 Queens! The one with gold was totally stylin’!


        • jalf:

          There’s plenty to celebrate around Christmas for atheists:

          true, we don’t make much of a fuss about a guy who didn’t have divine powers, and wasn’t actually born today, or even 2010 years ago, but we can still celebrate that the days are finally starting to get longer again, that someone put a great big tree in our living room and it looks purty, and that we get to spend time with the people we care about, and that there’s lots of yummy food in the oven, and that the people we care about bought presents for us, and not least, *that people are just in a good mood*

          If I can have all that, I don’t really need the Jesus bit.
          And of course, the whole Santa/elves bit isn’t exactly a Christian tradition. According to any serious Christian, an elf isn’t santas cute little helper, it’s some kind of demonic hellspawn, isn’t it? And Santa? Sounds like a competing god if you ask me. He can do miracles, you’re supposed to believe in him, and he judges you. Sounds god-like to me. As an atheist, I have no qualms about that. It’s a cute story and all, but if I were a Christian, it seems like it’d be an attack on all that is good and holy.

          So how do Christians get away with celebrating Christmas? They’re celebrating something that didn’t actually happen (Jesus wasn’t born in December), by carrying out a lot of heathen traditions.

          • Jalf,
            To jump off of your response:
            If individuals actually studied the origins of most Christian holidays, they would find that many of traditions are based on pagan religions. the Christmas tree, the bright reds and greens; the Easter eggs and pastel colors at Easter; incense and many symbols in the church are all pagan in origin. Many pagans (wiccans for example) tried to uphold a semblance of their religion during the onslaught of Christianity in Europe. Many of these individuals, fearing persecution, jumped on the bandwagon of Christianity, however, incorporated their longstanding traditions, which have since been instilled in modern Christianity. Which makes it laughable that Christians argue as to why non-Christians would still celebrate Christmas/Yule (winter solstice). Yes, it is a religious holiday of many religions, frankly, so why not celebrate it?? It is a time for rejoicing in the rebirth of the Sun, as the days begin to become longer and we look forward to the Spring, as Jalf has stated. It is a time of being with family and friends and giving thanks for one another; presents and other materials goods be damned….

  • We stopped doing Xmas years ago. No presents, no tree, no nothing. We indulge in culinary specialities but that is it. The dogs don’t care and despite 30 years of trying neither John nor I have produced children.Not that trying has been a chore….

    • Rechelle:

      Colin – It is good to hear from you again. Happy ‘no xmas’ to you!

  • Thank you, Rechelle. Glad to see you still have your sense of humour. Enjoy whatever you are doing with your family. I really see the point of this if you have children. xoxo