Creepy Christmas Round One

December 4th, 2010

The Creepy Christmas Holiday Decor Contest is still in full swing! If during your Holiday ramblings you stumble upon a bit of Christmas creep please send any and all photographic evidence to At this point, your photo will has an incredibly good chance of winning an AMAZING $25.00 Gift card to the online store of your choice! I know! TWENTY FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS!  But that’s not all!  A few lucky runner’s up might win some old, used books!

It’s just my own special way of saying Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Here are the entries so far…

Mmmmm!  Who wants some Santa Fish for dinner!

The perfect jacuzzi for the jolly old elf.

Just get the damned Santa up on the chimney!  I don’t care how you do it!

Santa channels Jack Sparrow tweaking.

If one Mister Edwards can save the Ingalls’ Christmas, imagine what two could do!

Now who can resist a tree full of these bug eyed/ginger/lion/bear cubs?

The pink heart cheeks really do make all the difference.

Here kitty kitty!

Doesn’t she just make you feel all snuggly inside?

Here Comes Santa Claus

Here Comes Santa Claus


Please keep the Christmas creep coming!

Deadline for entry is December 22nd!


  • Inga:

    Thanks for making me laugh Rechelle! Oh my! Those are funny! Who in there right mind would dress up a fish????


  • Nancy:

    The Santa tied to the chimney is priceless!

  • Michelle:

    Oh, man! I saw a figurine of a naked Santa and Mrs. Claus taking a bath together yesterday, and I forgot to take a photo. I’ll go back this week. I hope no one buys it.

  • Emily:

    Not that this qualifies for the contest or anything, but there are some interesting santas on lolcats:

    Plus an entire website devoted to Christmas creep:

  • Bridget:

    Okay this not a picture that I took, but I thought that it was funny and it fits in with your creepy christmas. But this blog: has a funny video of a rudolph balloon. The post is titled: See The Tragic Fate of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.