Books For Christmas #4 – Anything by Amy Sedaris

December 13th, 2010

Holy shit!  Have you seen these books?

I have been actively avoiding Amy Sedaris for years!

It was a weird David Sedaris loyalty thing.

I was protecting David!

I was keeping David holy and unsullied by not paying any attention to his sister Amy.

La la la la la la la la la la la la I can’t hear you Amy!

But about a month ago, I broke the chastity belt that kept me pure and sanctified to David and David alone and I furtively peeked inside of an Amy Sedaris book.

David Sedaris who?

I now wear an Amy Sedaris chastity belt.

I can only handle one comic genius sibling at a time.

And I plan to stay in Amy’s camp forever!

Or at least until David gets a new book out.

Must. Have. Felt. Fruit!

I recommend Amy’s books for anyone on your shopping list, but the more uptight the better. 

Perhaps your boss? 

Your pastor’s wife?

Because Amy will help them.


  • Dree Rah:

    I have I Like You right next to Martha Steward Entertaining! I am sure her crafts would be about what mine would look like!

  • I can’t wait to see that crafting book! Waiting patiently to get it from the library…

  • theresa:

    I love Amy Sedaris. I love them both! Ever time I see her, I think about the story David Sedaris told about her getting half a fat suit and scaring the crap out their dad…..

    • ekh:

      I thought of the exact same story, as well as when she yells “good luck on that rape charge!” to her brother (David) as the train doors were closing. priceless. I wish I could be as publicly weird as she is, it must be liberating. maybe i have a new year’s resolution in the works here?

      p.s. i’m a new reader, rechelle, and I’m enjoying your blog so much! thanks for the great posts!

  • Spinny:

    I need to buy this for my sister.

  • Nancy:

    I’m a huge David Sedaris fan (thanks, stadium pal!) and go see him every time he’s in town. He never disappoints. I’ve been an Amy Sedaris fan since the first time I saw her on Letterman. A couple of years ago I gifted my sister with Amy’s “I Like You” book and we sat at the kitchen table and read it together – we laughed til we cried. We still reference it to peals of laughter.

  • susan:

    But Rechelle, I thought you said you were anything but into crafting. So it is her skew and humor on crafting? Saw the iron burns and figured she had been to my house more than once.

  • Whitney:

    Have you read “Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk”? It was good. Not as good as “Me Talk Pretty Oneday” but still pretty funny.

    • Rechelle:

      Rushed right out and got me a copy. Am reading it now. Bedtime stories for the cracked.

      • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

        The illustrations killed me, especially the last one.

  • Ollie:

    Check out “Wigfield: The Can-Do Town That Just May Not”, By Amy, Stephen Colbert, and Paul Dinello. It’s hilarious, and even better: the audiobook is performed by the authors!

  • judy:

    I’ve never heard of her before.

  • WVKay:

    I’ve watched every YouTube video of her on Letterman. They just seem to have this connection, and she is so funny to me. Now when I read David Sedaris, at least I know what Amy looks like. I can picture her playing that trick on her father as “Penny”. I love her.

  • susan:

    After your previous posting showing Amy with the iron burn on her leg, I ordered that book from Amazonf for my daughter who heads the arts and crafts part of her son’s first grade class. I knew that bent humor would appeal to both of us. Also ordered some David Sedaris cd’s for my son who lives in L.A. and has to commute. Thanks.

  • I can’t wait to check out the Craft book- I read (listened to on audionbook-read by the author) the entertaining book a few years ago- priceless!

  • judy:

    hmmm, why are you promoting Christmas gifts?

    • Mo:

      It has been medically proven that talking about, thinking about, writing about, touching religous artifacts or breathing religous air does not cause a reaction in athiests similar to a deadly nut allergy or kryptonite.

  • Nancy:

    Judy – people celebrate the holiday for any number of reasons, not always as ‘the birthday of baby Jesus”. My family gathers, feasts, exchanges gifts, and basically spends time appreciating each other and the passage of another year. We don’t go to church, we don’t light candles and sing about a virgin birth – but we do decorate a tree, bake cookies, deliver goodies to all of our neighbors, and celebrate good will.

    • Right on, Nancy! My favorite part of the holiday season is getting together with family, who we don’t see a lot during the year, and catching up. Even before I became a non-believer, the best part of Christmas for me, is the secular part.