Barbie Campfire

December 10th, 2010

Is there another blogger that will go to these lengths to entertain you people?


It’s perfectly proportioned to fit Marlboro Man!


I have smoke in my hair and on my winter coat!

I had to keep that fire going AND POSE THE FREAKING DOLLS AT THE SAME TIME!


The tiny fire KEPT GOING OUT!

It wasn’t easy people!

I could have died!

I could have smelted myself in a BARBIE CAMPFIRE!

New Pie Near Woman story to follow soon.

You ain’t gonna want to miss this one.


  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    You possess some sweet doll-posing, miniature-fire-building skills. I’m impressed!

  • Lori:

    I love it but you already knew that…..
    Waiting for the followup…

  • Jennine:

    You had me at “REAL LIVE FLAMES”

    You’re like a stunt blogger or something.

  • You have skillz I must admit. I wish you had an extra doll because I’d have paid to see him throw her into the fire. BBQ Barbie.

  • Heather in MT:

    This takes more skill then posing tongs. Way to go!

  • km:

    Rechelle, I’m laughing:)
    Also you are beginning to scare me ! xxx

  • Samantha:

    waaaaaa! this is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!! Rechelle you are too much fun!

    and y’know that picture really makes me think it’s not that far from the truth- I bet MM feels like dragging her over the fire at times…talk about disrupting his little ole simple (cough, cough) ranch life

    Oh and I saw his mother in a quick camera shot on the Today show and she didn’t look all that thrilled to be there….Al Roker thought she was Ree’s mother and to blame for those gawd awful cinnamon rolls!

    • Kait:

      Oh my gosh! You saw her on there? What happened? I am surprised Today keeps having her back when she is so inarticulate. I am guessing they get a larger audience what with her devoted millions.

      • Samantha:

        She did a quickie spot in the cooking section of the show….she is on there because she is affliated with BlogHer and GE which owns the Today show, is a BlogHer investor. Her connections are neverending just like her fairy tales.

        • Kait:

          Oh thank you so much. It really is all about who you know isn’t it?

  • Spiderjohn:

    Now, that made my skirt fly up (bitch).

  • Josh and Missy were wondering…

    Where is the burnt bread?! We need us some toast bitch! Oh…never mind. Josh and Missy hate burnt bread………


  • Cassie C:

    The suspense is killing me!!!!!!

  • Mo:

    It’s killing me too, can’t wait. Tomorrow is my 42nd birthday, and I have a feeling to help ease my pain you will be posting a new Pie Near Woman episode that will make me feel extra young looking every time I glance at the mirror, and will make all my cooking taste fabulous.

    Or not! A girl can dream, can’t she?

    By the way, I have a weakness for all things miniature and that fire is so perfect it tickles me every time I look at it. You did a great job, and thank you for taking such risks for your readers!

  • Nancy:

    I’m waiting with bated breath! Barbie-sized campfire? Genius! Beats the hell out of the Malibu Beach Van. I can’t wait to read the next installment of Pie Near Woman. The pic of her all roped up by MM near the fire makes me think a branding may take place. What’s their brand? A circle B for Butter? A rocking BS for all of the bullshit she peddles?

    I laughed out loud imagining your neighbors driving by while you built a tiny campfire and played with Barbie dolls. Careful, you’ll end up on a prayer chain.

  • Monica:

    I am newish to reading your site – it’s so much better than lots of the other drivel available.

    These parodies are my absolute favorite posts.

    I am waiting for one involving all of the left-behind ranch dogs (George, Hamilton, Lady) rebelling against Ree for ignoring them in favor of Charlie.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Nancy:

    Oh my gosh, Monica – that’s hilarious! Bet we could all collaborate and publish a children’s book about the left-behind dogs. The Boxcar Children of the canine world?