I Guess We Can All Stop Worrying About Global Warming Now!

November 11th, 2010

Phew! That was a close one!


Thanks for setting us all straight Illinois Congressman John Shimkus!

Please feel free to read more about this guy and his bid to head the House Energy and Commerce Committee because OMHFG he really sounds like the perfect guy for the job!

Here’s what the idiots at NASA have to say about global warming. Can someone please send them a bible so they will shut the hell up with all their outrageous lies!  The bastards!


  • Holy-crap-a-doodle! Have you been hiding in my house? I posted something on my FB wall a few days ago about global warming the other day (http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-na-climate-scientists-20101108,0,545056.story) and immediately got an e-mail from my MIL that global warming doesn’t exist & that it’s NOT responsible for the demise of the sea turtle, that the Costa Rican people are! Egads…

  • Rechelle:

    LucyJoy – Are we related? Because your relatives and my relatives HAVE to be related.

    • It’s sure sounds like it!

  • Jimmy-boy:

    Scary post Rechelle. Don’t think someone like him could survive in UK politics. Sure we have reigious folks: that sick, lying, murderous idiot, Tony Blair, is very religious. But he could never talk about it publicly: he would have been utterly derided for doing so. The shame of it is that it really matters what happens in the US. Because of the size and global influence, if you have a dick in office, somehow, we all have a dick in office.

    It comes down to how we decide what is true. For sceptics, generally we try to find facts and use them disprove our theories. For religious types and believers of all kinds (homeopaths etcs), the opposite is the case: they know what is true and look for evidence to support it.

    Personally, I have strong views on which is a better approach.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    There are few people I genuinely hate, but these anti-science assholes are high on the list. They are hellbent on keeping the U.S. from progressing beyond our dependence on fossil fuels. Well, guess what? As the rest of the industrialized west develops and implements cleaner, more efficient energy, we’ll be left behind and will end up having to buy the technology from foreign sources. I frequently hate my country. Is Norway hiring?

  • I live in the UK and I am always amazed by the amount of Americans who still believe in Christianity and even take the bible in a literal sense. It’s horrifying to me that the world’s superpower who ultimately plays a massive part across the globe is making decisions as a collective based with a religious basis or slant!

  • Hi Rechelle —thanks for posting this, Just another example of religious people who refuse to think beyond “the Bible tells me so.”

    I’m still amazed that most Americans think we are a “Christian nation” despite the lack of “god” or “Jesus” in the constitution —and despite the profound evidence that many of our founding fathers (and many leaders since) were deists, humanists, or Unitarians.

    Hey, any of you British folks want to adopt me? It seems that Europe has pretty-much given up on religion, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Uruguay, Japan, China…… My husband and I are just about fed up with the religious fanatics in our area. We’re retired now, so we have been thinking seriously about spending a few years in a saner part of the world. If we don’t live abroad, we might head for Oregon. Vermont is the least religious state, but winters are way too harsh for me there. Oregon is number 2.