The CD’s Fam.

November 9th, 2010

One mom/grandmother

Eight surviving children

Three daughter in laws

Three son in laws

Nineteen grandchildren

Two grand son-inlaws

One fiancee

And one unusually small (for this family anyways) great granddaughter.


  • What a wonderful, huge, beautiful family! It’s just such a shame that it often takes a sad event to bring everyone together. Does your whole family get together often?

    • Rechelle:

      The CD’s family gets together about four times a year. Although the sheer numbers are making get togethers much harder to organize.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Such a family of in-laws is exactly the reason I moved to the boonies of Kansas. 2 people in love 61 years, creating a family of 42 who love to be together.

    We ran out of eligible members to have weddings for, and funerals are no fun, so I just hosted the 1st Annual Brewfest to give us an excuse to all get together and enjoy each other (and 13 homebrewed beer, tons of food, etc.) I highly recommend big family gatherings that are just for the heck of it, no matter if the family numbers 6 or 50. One of life’s great pleasures.

  • Shelley:

    What a great looking family! Is it weird if I say that I LOVE your funeral outfit? I do!

    • LucyJoy:

      You do look fab!

      I clicked on your picture (to make it bigger. I love looking at family pictures, even if they’re not my own family), and then realized you have a whole BIG Picasa gallery. I hope you don’t mind that I peeked into your albums. I’d never clicked on one of your photos before! WOW! You take great pictures & I picked up some ideas for holiday decorating. Thanks, Rechelle!

  • km:

    My mom was from a family of 10 and my dad from a family of 9 almost all of which had 5 plus children. Let’s just say we have some good shindigs when we gather everyone around the globe. Our facebooks span several continents and numerous countries and the second cousins love sharing each others experiences.
    My boss’s family does a reunion every 4 years. They set the date 4 years in advance and it’s understood that everything is scheduled around it. It arose after everyone realized that the only time they saw each other was a funeral. This way it’s always around joy. They take over a New England Island and have a ball for 4 days or so.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    I think I spotted The Oracle.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    It took me a while to find you, but you’re rockin’ that look, girl! And I see The Oracle too! Nice picture.