Some Random Industrial Building in New Orleans

November 18th, 2010

The CD likes to drive through the industrial section of any city we visit. I always complain loudly about this and then I find something interesting to photograph and then I go back to complaining.


  • Cherie:

    omg! My husband does the same thing… It’s like he magnetically drawn! And I also object loudly ~ but it does no good…

  • FL Liz:

    The CD would appreciate train travel! Trains seem to glide, nice and slow, through industrial parts of any given town – The scenic route for the CD.

  • Great photo!

  • I stopped in the ninth ward this summer to photograph a pump station through a chain link fence, my wife thought I was crazy! This is a great photo.

  • susan:

    I just love this photo! My soninlaw takes wonderful photos of empty buildings, houses and train yards in the “old” part of Houston. Love the bleakness for some reason. Evidently he does too…I dont know what that says about us psychologically though.