Seed Stabbing… and Collecting

November 10th, 2010

I decided to try to collect some of my own seeds this year.

As I ran my thumb over the massive seed heads to loosen the seeds from the plant, the prickly ends stabbed my fingers over and over again.

With raggedy, shredded fingers, I filled several envelopes with different kinds of sunflower seeds.

And then limping, bleeding and alone, I staggered over to get some seeds from my Zinnias and my Mexican Sunflowers.

The seed heads on these flowers are just as stabby as the sunflowers are.

Plus!  They have the added bonus of not having easily identifiable seeds.

So I just put the entire seed head into an envelope.  I’ll figure out the whole seed part next Spring.

I also left plenty of seed heads behind for the birds.

Because I’ve decided that collecting seeds from my prickly headed flowers is for the birds anyway!


  • I hear ya! I always just cut the whole heads off the smaller flowers and stash them in an envelope. Then I smoosh (technical term there) it around until they fall apart. I figure the seeds have to be in that mess somewhere.

    Meanwhile, my bird feeders are being wiped out by ground squirrels. it’s been so dang windy I had to take them down before they fell down. I want some birdies!

    • bPer:

      We’ve had one of these bird feeders (the one-sided variety) for years now, and had great satisfaction watching squirrel after squirrel try and fail to get any seed out of it. Definitely worth the money.

      An added benefit is that if you set the balance right, it will close for large birds too, so you don’t end up feeding the crows either. We have ours set so it will allow four sparrows or two cardinals to feed concurrently without the perch (and thus the door to the feed) dropping.


  • LucyJoy:

    I feel your pain…Tying up tall ornamental grasses is icky work, too. You just can’t do it with gloves on & the danged stuff gives me tiny little cuts.

    I love the picture with the birds on the seed heads! It’s beautiful!

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Some friends harvested their field of sunflowers and gave me several bundles. I have a double hook for pots with a big point in the middle, so I stabbed the point up through the bundle. The birds have had a feast and the squirrels can’t seem to climb it. I think I’ve attracted every cardinal for miles. It’s been very entertaining. The cat thinks the back window is on the bird channel.