Phelps Counter Protest Goes Well

November 29th, 2010

I called the chief of police last night to give him a count for how many people had told me they were coming out for the Westboro Baptist Church counter protest in front of our local high-school.  I had only heard from three people and was a bit discouraged, but the chief told me that he had received at least fifty phone calls over the weekend and he thought that there would be quite a few people there.

He was right.

I’d say about thirty people showed up to counter protest which is pretty good for a small town Monday morning right after a holiday weekend.

Someone brought flags and passed them out for people to hold.  There were also a few signs, but mostly we had bodies and a feeling of solidarity and that is really all we needed.


Coffee and donuts would have also been kind of nice.

I opted not to take many photos of the Phelps family because I am kind of sick of reading their signs, but you can see that the two groups were separated by at least thirty feet.  The Phelps protesters sang a few of their weird parody songs, but it was so windy, you couldn’t really hear them.  Our group just stood and quietly chatted amongst ourselves.  I was standing beside a man who had driven all the way from Kansas City and he said that he had attended a few WBC counter protests that were much rowdier with both sides yelling at each other.

Across the street from the high-school a few women sat in their driveway and held a second counter protest.

And I got to meet Nikki!  She regularly comments on this blog as ‘dirty Kansas mama’ which is a reference to her home-building/livestock tending/ gardening/country life and not to uh… something a bit more titilating!

Nikki easily had the best sign at the protest.

Plus it was reversible!

Her husband had another great idea for an anti-Phelps protest sign…

‘Inside every Phelps is a cry for help.’

Get it?

Phelps – Help.

I thought that was brilliant!

My sign was kind of lame.  It said, ‘The flying spaghetti monster loves gay people… and I do too.’

I know, I know…

I better not give up my day job.

But I do feel good about my small town’s effort to speak up against the WBC.

It’s not a bad way to start a Monday morning!


  • +1 for the FSM!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    It was very impressive for a small town, and I was happy I didn’t have to bail Rechelle out of jail for something like catifighting with a Phelps.

    And it was very windy!

    • Lee (sometimes known as Another Lee):

      Nice to “see” you Nikki! Thanks for joining Rechelle for those of us who couldn’t.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    “catifighting” – awesome! I made up a word today!

    • I like it! Maybe if we start using it enough, we can drown out Sarah Palin’s made up words. I’m adding your word to my vocabulary!

  • “It’s not a bad way to start a Monday morning!”

    Not at all. Kudos!

  • I sincerely wish I could have been there. Instead, I had to be here having my soul crushed into a bloody, near-lifeless lump on the ground by school.

    Why they chose WHS of all places is beyond me. I mean, they’re pretty tolerant there (at least when I was there they were…mostly….sorta…kinda?), but I don’t feel like WHS is super progressive in their ways, at least not in the sense that would give WBC cause to be there…

    I heard they’re hitting up Mulvane High School later in the week, which is were my mom/many of my family/friends attend(ed)…

    • Rechelle:

      I think we were just a convenient ‘pit stop’ on the way to Manhattan to protest Kathleen Sebelius. And when I say ‘pit stop’ I mean a brief thirty minute stop-over between two points as opposed to PW’s concept of a ‘pit stop’ which is a year long furlough in your mid twenties at your parent’s house on your daddy’s dime.

  • Georgia:

    Thanks for posting photos of your group’s signs instead of ‘those people’. You all did good.

  • Nancy:

    Awesome! Wish I lived close enough to have attended. WBC is a bunch of hateful idiots and it gives my heart peace to know that everywhere they go, good people will turn out to take a stand against hate and evil. Well done!

  • I wish I could’ve been there…

  • Erp:

    The WBC chooses where they think they can get a reaction. Earlier this year they hit at opening time a local high school where several kids had killed themselves in the previous few months and taunted the school about that (the school changed its opening time so the students could avoid facing them but plenty of locals did show up to counter).

    I believe one common counterprotest is to have people pledge money to some cause that the WBC detests per minute of WBC protest so the longer the WBC protests the more money they raise for something they don’t like.

  • joy:

    “Inside every Phelps is a cry for help.” Brilliant.

    That’s how I feel about their children.

  • Patricia:

    Just read today that these nutjobs will be protesting at Elizabeth Edward’s funeral.

    • Rechelle:

      I am really sorry to hear that.