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I hope to write a bit more about our visit to the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, one of the areas in the city that was hit the hardest by Hurricane Katrina, but for now I am just posting photos of the modern raised houses that are going up in a few sections of this old, very much alive and joy filled neighborhood.

Brad Pitt is one of the people helping to fund this project.

The new houses are built with sustainability and flood endurance in mind.

They are certainly a departure from traditional New Orleans home architecture.

What do you think about them?

Preservation Hall

November 17th, 2010

We didn’t arrive in New Orleans until Friday night around 7pm. By the time we dropped off our bags at our B and B and wriggled free of the owner who wanted to tell us all about his massive collection of college yearbooks (he owns 7000) we just decided to head down to the French Quarter and walk around. It was a beautiful night. We stopped for a drink at The Old Absinthe House. I asked for a New Orleans beer, but the bar was so loud that I couldn’t understand what the bartender said about their selection of beers, so I changed my order to a margarita. We got our beverages to go and started walking down Bourbon street. I drained my glass a bit too rapidly and In a matter of minutes the French quarter was spinning. I am a horrible lightweight when it comes to booze anyway, but the eight dollar margarita was potent. So I am staggering down Bourbon street and the Country Doctor is just trying to keep me upright. We meandered crazily through an art gallery. Suddenly everything is hilarious to me and then I am crouching down in front of a painting going on and on about how beautiful it is.  It’s so beautiful!  OMG So Beautiful!   The CD hauled me out of there and got me into a cafe where after a plateful of gumbo, my vision cleared.

After that, the Country Doctor refused to buy me any more alcohol, so I made him stand in line at Preservation Hall. We waited a half an hour to get into the building and hear the Jazz Masters swing.  Definitely worth the wait.