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I haven’t listened to a sermon in almost a year, but this one was worth my time. The fact that this man has cultivated a congregation that can deal with this message is inspiring. After his ‘announcement’, he spends a lot of time cutting and pasting the bible to fit around his sexual orientation. He calls the bible inspired, but not inerrant. He mentions that he is a ‘Paulist’ and primarily preaches from the epistles, but that he has always thought that Paul was brilliant when it came to Jesus and stupid when it came to relationships. He does the classic ‘cherry picking’ that Christians do when it comes to the disagreeable things that are in the bible, casually discarding the anti-homosexual verses for a variety of reasons, while insisting that the rest of the bible is somehow valuable. So basically he is a man of modern faith and he is extremely likable for his authenticity and his willingness to be forthright with his congregation and push them to admit that sexuality is not something that a person can change or choose. I only hope that his confession will create a domino effect throughout the mega-churches in America.

Hey! A girl can dream can’t she?!?

Now we just need a mega-church pastor to admit to being a zealous evolutionist – and most of America’s problems with the religious right will be solved.

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I know, I know – I cut off my head. If I ever try this again, I will scooch my chair back further!