Cookie in the Light

November 23rd, 2010

Must even my cat disapprove of me?


  • Shelley:

    Perhaps b/c you are not a show human?

  • Amanda:

    I wouldn’t take it personally – cats’ disdain everyone.
    Just remember that you have opposable thumbs.

  • I love her. Give her & snuggle & a kiss for me…

    • She’s wondering why you don’t cut the tips off raw chicken breasts (they always burn or get tough anyway) & feed them to her! *Then* you’ll get an approving look!

      • …and today they got the turkey heart & liver. We have three happy kitties!

  • FL Liz:

    That’s a beautiful photograph! I love the lighting and the same colors but opposite textures of beast and surroundings is engaging. Cookie’s face does look like it could drop you Well shot !

  • susan:

    Ohhh Rechelle….This might have won PW’s photo-chopped 4 legged critter contest if you had taken it a few weeks ago!

    Cats are sure unique and ya gotta love them for their unique expressiveness – albeit they want to APPEAR to not be so.

  • Great photo, Rechelle!

  • GA in GA:

    But Rechelle, I’ll beg to differ. She is sending you love. When cats squint, they are adoring you!