Anne Rice Lived Here

November 17th, 2010

I know very little about Anne Rice, but she features big in New Orleans. Locations for different scenes in her books are pointed out on every tour and even though she no longer owns a home in New Orleans, the house above which is in the Garden District is still referred to as Anne Rice’s home.

I’ve never read any of her famous vampire books which she wrote when she was an atheist. Nor have I read any of her Jesus books, which she wrote when she converted back to Christianity. I tried to read her memoir, but found it wholly uninteresting and stopped about a third of the way through.

These days Anne calls herself a ‘Christian outsider who quit Christianity in the name of Christ’ She says that she cannot abide the Christian penchant for condemning gays, prohibiting artificial birth control, hating liberals and feminists and holding science in extreme suspicion.

Has she considered the Episcopalians?


  • Martha in Kansas:

    OK, first, what is the CD doing there on the left? That’s him, isn’t it and not some nut from the tour? LOL!

    I’ve seen this house, back when it belonged to Anne Rice and she was still into vampires. A tour. We stood across the street while the guide talked. Have you ever had the experience of a dog looking at you and making eye contact? Her already large Great Dane puppy stood at that gate, staring at me (not others in the group), wagging his tale. The tour guide told us to stay on our side of the street. The puppy disappeared and came back with a large dog toy that he pushed under the gate and waited for someone to come play. He looked at me more. I felt so bad that I was not allowed to go play. (Looking back, I should totally have played with the dog! You don’t get flirted with by a famous person’s dog too often in life. Who knows, she might have noticed and invited me in. Or at least I’d have made the dog happy for a while.)

    Anyway, that’s my Anne Rice encounter. After that I read a couple of the vampire books because you can’t have an Anne Rice semi-encounter and then not have read her books. (But vampires just don’t do much for me!)

  • Anne Rice:

    Martha in Kansas, thank you for your good intentions toward my dog, whichever one it was. I never had a Great Dane, but did have a bull mastiff, a giant German Shepherd, a Samoyad, and a Golden Retriever,
    and most of those dogs loved to play with people at the gate.

    • Martha in Kansas:

      Whoa! What surprise to see the dog’s owner reply! The dog was a mastiff. I sat there last night, trying to think what kind of dog it was and dane was the only large dog I could think of. Mastiff. And SO cute, but so large already. At the time I worked with some really avid fans of yours, so they loved my near encounter with fame! LOL!

  • joy:

    I LOVE this house, and I loved Ann Rice’s vampire books. She was writing about vampires (well, along with Stephen King) way before it was “in vogue”. I lost interest in her as an author after she converted to Christianity but I still want to visit New Orleans solely because of the rich descriptions in those books.