A Surprise Get Away!

November 11th, 2010

Guess what!  The CD and I are headed to New Orleans for the weekend!   Anything we should absolutely not miss?


  • NOLA’s. That’s it. That’s the list.

  • Michelle Z.:

    Don’t miss the children. I find missing my kids when I’m away from them to be a waste of time, because the kids are definitely NOT missing me. They’re eating all the sugar in the house, staying up until 4am playing video games and not changing their socks for the entire time I’m away.

  • Kathy from NJ:

    The Aquarium is wonderful.

  • Sabazinus:

    I second the aquarium.

  • Linda:

    Cafe Beignet
    New Orleans Cafe Beignet provides a grand cafe setting outside and in, and the best coffee and beignets anywhere. Also full breakfast served all day, lunch and cajun specialties.

    If you’re a tourist, you are required to visit Pat O’s, order at least one high-velocity Hurricane and listen to the piano-players. It’s the law. …
    Have a Hurricane (mixed drink)
    The local favorite was created at Pat O’Brien’s bar – one of the greatest … The perfect place to have one is still at Pat O’s in the legendary courtyard …

  • N'awlins Darlin':

    Oh yay for you! Y’all should go to the Hotel Monteleone and have a drink at the Carousel Bar. It’s got merry-go-round decor and a bar that actually spins! Tacky? Maybe. But a New Orleans classic!

    If you’re not limited to the Quarter, Crabby Jack’s on Jefferson Highway is my favorite place for po-boys – open for lunch only.

    In the Quarter, Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde and a muffaletta at Central Grocery.

    Basically, eat as much as you can and worry about it when you get home. ;) Have fun!

  • nanne:

    you have to take the trolley up st. charles into the garden district…then get out and see it on foot…..there are several good restaurants on st. charles where you could stop for lunch..(highly recommend herbsaint…)
    getting either a frommors or a fodors guide would be an excellent idea….they both give great recommendations on what to do, see, eat….

    i’m so jealous…i’ve traveled all over and n.o. is my favorite city.

    • Rechelle:

      nanne – I have traveled very little and New Orleans is my favorite US city. This will be our second trip. So excited!

      • susan:

        I second the trolley ride….you will absolutely love the unique houses you pass by. The trolley reverses at the end of the line and you go back the same way and can see the houses on the other side. Marvelous.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I’ve never been, but it’s on my list. No camper, no kids, SO much food and architecture…have a wonderful time!

  • Sharon:

    Have a great time and take lots of pictures and please post them:)

  • susan:

    K-Pauls restaurant! Paul Prudhome owns it and it is fabulous. Of course I ALWAYS have to go to Brennens on Royal Street for their TO DIE FOR brunch. Their Eggs Sardou, turtle soup (not real turtle) and banana’s foster would be by last meal on death row.

    Also a drink in the Old Absinthe House. Classic. Other than that just people watching.

  • Suzanna:

    My daughter and I went on the walking tour called “Cemetary and VooDoo tour” it was fun and interesting!

  • nanne:

    had to scoot out earlier before i finished suggestions….

    if possible, go ahead and make dinner reservations. it’s not as bad as pre-katrina, but some places like bayonna (love,love) are almost impossible to get in without them…

    outside of the quarter, magazine street has a lot of really neat shops..antiques, art, etc.–lilette’s on magazine is a good, small restaurant.

    there is a wonderful culinary antiques store in the quarter called lucillus (spelling?)….

    if you do the st. charles trolley, stop at the columns hotel and have a french 77.

    use the frommers self guided walking tour of the garden district…you’ll see anne rice’s old home (where the mayfair witch series was set), oh, i can’t remember all the famous people houses..but the homes are beautiful and the gardens fabulous.

    the new orleans museum of art is great.

    i want to say there’s some kind of new culinary museum over on the riverfront somewhere…sorry for that sketchy info..

    oysters on the half shell and shrimp po boys at acme oyster house (hole in the wall kind of place).

    mufulettas from central grocery (pack them in your suitcase..they’ll last a day)..

    restaurant suggestions…bayonna, upperline, cuvee (for drinks and hors d’eaurves); you have to do one of the old school/classic new orleans restaurants like arnaud’s, commander’s palace, galatoire’s, antoine’s; g.w. fins for seafood; brennan’s for breakfast/brunch….emeril’s restaurants sometimes are looked down on, but i think they’re pretty good.–delmonico is a beautiful venue.

    ok, that’s all i got on the fly…

    laissez le bon temp rouler!

  • I’m so jealous! That’s the one place I’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t been yet. Have a blast and a margarita for me!

  • eclecticdeb:

    Sorry. I just can’t get happy about New Orleans. My boyfriend’s niece was brutally murdered there

  • eclecticdeb:

    Stay safe, don’t wander from the tourist locations. It’s still basically a lawless cesspool, no matter what the media says.


  • Linda:

    A soft-shelled crab sandwich, the garden district, Magnolia cafe.

  • Bridget:

    the garden district, brunch at the columns, go and see the cemataries. (sp?) During the day and go to the ones that are most populated. Also Armstrong Park. I used to live there and I mss it so much. I loved walking in the Garden District drooling at all the beautiful houses. Also in the quarter is is fun doing a little investigating and seeing if you can catch a glimpse of interior courtyard. Burbon street is full of tourist but it can be fun for a couple of hours.

    You should eat a mufulettas, but there are better places to get one than central market. Try to see if you can eat at Mothers. Acme is one my favorites for oysters on the half shell and po boys.

    One place- Commander’s Palace!!

    I was just down there and I got to tour the areas that were hardest hit and it is still sad and run down. It doesn’t look like much is getting done. And now after the BP spill it is great that people are taking vacations down there.

    I agree with everyone’s suggestion. Also if you get a chance drive to place outside of New Orleans. Locals and/or the hotel staff can give you good suggestion about places to especially restaurants that serve amazing food. Also across the pond is a place called Trey Yun- serves homemade classical Chinese food. Some of the best in the world. It is awesome.

    Have fun!! Can you take a little piece of my heart back home?

    Lonely Plants Guides are some of the best guides I have seen.

    Have fun! Drive through a drivethru daquiri place for me. I would bother to spell check my words, but I am feeling way to ill to expend that kind of energy:)

  • just drove into NOLA before we setup our art for the Covington 3 Rivers Art Festival.

    walked one of the above ground cemeteries in the garden district and drove thru the vierre carre taking passenger side videos of the street. getting the sounds and scenes and i’ve got a NOLA door fetish. things we noticed new; painted people(mimes) again. smaller artwork on the fence in front of the church. more horses waiting for riders. listen to the sounds. can be so noisy on Bourbon street and then turn the corner and deathly quiet a block away. or less. and the smells. have fun.

  • carols:

    Good advice here. We were there this summer with kids. We’ve been there many times, great city. Central Grocer mufalattas was our favorite, but this time we went to a diner just across the street near the flea market that had live music playing while we ate. Nice. We went to Rock and Bowl, which is just outside the city but had an awesome 12-piece swing band and fun dancing and drinks…different but fun. The WW2 (or is it 1?) museum is supposed to be incredible if you’re into that kind of thing. Mothers…ok, not sure it’s worth the trek off the quarter. Skip the steamboat ride. Agree, a cemetary tour is interesting. Pat OBriens a must…you think it will be touristy…and then a couple hurricanes later you’re loving it. Cafe DeMonde daily, walking around Jackson Square daily, walking and enjoying the architecture. On a weekend it’s hard to do it all…heading up town on Magazine street is a good chunk of a day in itself, perhaps on trip two. full recap with pics please.

  • Cafe Du Monde is a must, Trolley over to the Garden District to sightsee, and get the country doctor good and liquored up so you can shop and not be shunned! Have a wonderful time, the weather is awesome at this time of year!!

  • Christine from Canada:

    Anything you shouldn’t miss? Too late, missy! You OBVIOUSLY missed putting me in your suitcase!


    (Hope it was fun!)

  • NANCY H:

    Could you please write about your trip when you get back. My husband and I will be in New Orleans in january. I’d love to know where to go and where not to go.

  • AnnB:

    Hey! Fun! I have a sister who lived there for years( till Katrina destroyed their home) and I fw you her go-to document for all comers!

    MY thoughts: mufflata @ Central Grocery to go. Trolley with lunch to the Art Museum and eat picnic style in the sculpture garden there–beautiful art and landscaping and free!