A Creepy Christmas Contest

November 28th, 2010

I took a few photos last year of some Christmas decor that struck me as downright creepy.  I never managed to write a story about it, but I thought it would be fun to see if anyone else out there has a radar for creepy Christmas decor. During your Holiday shopping spasms, if you see a decoration that seems a little off, and happen to have a camera on you – snap a photo and send it to mysistersfarmhouse@live.com. I’ll post the pictures as they arrive. On December 22nd, I will choose a few winning photos based on over-all creeptastic creepiness or just plain outrageous absurdity.

You must be vigilant!

You never know when a Christmas decoration. is going to totally CREEP YOU OUT!

The grand prize will be a 25.00 gift card to the online store of your choice.

I will also have some fabulous runner-up prizes. and when I say ‘fabulous runner-up prizes, I actually mean ‘used books’.

So get your creep on!

Because sick, pasty, bedridden Santa might not make it if you don’t.

Ho, Ho, Ho


  • Can we send pictures from years past? Can we enter more than one photo?

    I look forward to seeing the entries!

    • Rechelle:

      Enter as often as you like. I care not when the photo was taken. I sense that creepy Christmas decorations hold something of a fascination for you?

      • Heh – I just like plain old creepy! But it will give me a good excuse to look harder, and maybe hit a couple of antique malls I know of which would be likely to have some creepy stuff.

  • Shelley:

    Ha! this makes my new smart phone worth every penny! Get ready to get some from me!

  • Michelle:

    I wish you’d run a contest for just, plain shitty presents. The first Christmas that I was married, my mother-in-law gave me a framed photo of my husband and his first wife on their wedding day. She said, “I didn’t know if you had one of those.”

    The second year, she gave me a fly swatter.

    The third year, she was dead. (But don’t worry. Not by my hands.)

    • jamoody:

      There are just no words.

  • nanne:

    i can’t decide if that santa need a butcher knife in his hand or a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a deflated hoochie mama blow up doll laying beside him.

    p.s. i may have posted this comment, like 10 times….my daughter’s laptop is annoyed with me.

  • kathleen:

    That first picture looks like Chucky!

  • eclecticdeb:

    OMG…I sooooo love your sense of humor. This is a great contest. Can’t wait to see the submissions.

  • My narrative for the above:

    “It was clear that Mrs. Claus had been bitten and was looking for her next meal. Santa, trying desperately to not become Mrs. Claus’ next meal and a Zombie himself, tried to act like he was dead.”

    No creepy pictures to submit, but can’t wait for the submissions!