What Percentage of Bill O’ Reilly is Pure Bullshit?

October 24th, 2010

Question One

I am no expert on Bill O’Reilly, watching him primarily through a cloudy haze of YouTube clips, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but I snapped out of my O’Reilly fog this week when his remarks about the mosque at Ground Zero caused Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off the stage on The View. After watching the interview a few times, I have come to the conclusion that O’Reilly doesn’t really care whether or not a mosque is built ‘in the vicinity’ of Ground Zero. He is simply trying to illicit certain types of responses in the people that are faithful to his ‘brand’ while at the same time generating outrage from the people who despise him.  He was certainly successful in this instance.

Which brings me to question One….

What percentage of Bill O’ Reilly is comprised of pure bullshit?

Zero percent?
One hundred percent?
Seventy five percent?
Fifty percent?

Question 2

Which woman (if any) on The View do you most respect?

Question 3

Do you think that the ‘Whoopi Goldberg/JoyBehar walk off’ was an appropriate response to O’Reilly’s boorish behaivor?

Question 4

It is kind of interesting that Joy and Whoopi have an intensely emotional response to O’Reilly’s comments while the two women who like to label themselves as ‘Christians’ (Shari whatsherface and the blonde chick) sit there and do nothing and Barbara Walters shakes her fingers at her departing co-hosts and then cops to Bill.

Do you think that Christianity inhibits a person’s response to overtly bad behavior?

Question 5

I love Stephen Colbert.

Joy and Whoopi walk off The View.

Stephen Colbert walks off The View.


  • JJ:

    100% – He was setting up a confrontation from the beginning. “Listen to me and learn something…” was one of his starting off points to try and get them riled up. I was very disappointed in Barbara.

  • M C:

    I do find it interesting that while you disagree with his labeling of an entire religion as something bad or wrong (a point I agree with you on–he is scum), you are more than willing to do this to Christians, simply because you have had your own bad experiences with a portion of them.

    • Rechelle:

      M.C. – Uh… I think all religion is rotten, but I find O’Reilly abhorrent because he is a manipulative bastard. I don’t regard all Christians as ‘scum’ just their religion, although I am having a hard time these days coping with the more conservative branches of Christianity – I am sure I would still like some of them – especially the ones with a good sense of humor. There is much more going on in this particular instance than just religion. There is freedom of religion and tolerance of people with differing views. Plus I have always had a penchant for the underdog and an active disdain for those that put them down.

  • In answer to Question 2, not that I’m a regular viewer of The View or anything, but from what I know about it’s hosts, I’d go with Whoopi, because she seems to be the most skeptical of the bunch.

    • I would also like to add that I pride myself on at least half-decent spelling and grammar, so I’m sorely disappointed in myself for using ‘it’s’ instead of ‘its.’ Dammit!

  • As Chris Hedges calls it, it is all “false spectacle”. Meaning, Bill does it on purpose, since he wants to “stage” his opinion, and then Whoopi and Joy do the same. Unfortunately, neither opinion makes any difference in the end, but boy are we all distracted for a time.

    At least Colbert makes a mockery of this staging insanity, which is why he and Jon Stewart are so popular. We know what we’re getting with them. EFH

  • Bill O’Reilly is a manipulator. He says things for an emotional reaction from others and the women of The View played right into his trap. I think the best weapon against him is ridicule and an unemotional reaction to what he says.
    I understand why the women walked off but I don’t agree with it. It was exactly what he wanted and it gave him something to piss and moan about on his show.

  • Michelle Z.:

    I think they all acted like a bunch of children.

    Babs was the worst, though. I can’t handle her ass kissing.

  • farmgirl:

    But see the show is called “the view” and so when we don’t like the view of others we invited to speak at “the view” —we walk off? Why have a show called “the view” then? Why not avoid all contact with those whose “view’ we don’t agree? That show would be called “the avoid”.

    • Har har. Or ‘Avoid the View’ or “The View is Crappy’. or ‘My View and My View Alone’ Wait. That kind of sounds like a certain blog….

  • Anna:

    BillOdious is 100% bullshit. He smugly profers republican talking bits, warped sense of Christianity , and this is all mixed in with his desperate attempts to extend his 15 minutes as well as manilupate emotions. This only works on people like my born-again family, my demented next-door neighbors, and anyone who has no critical thinking skills.
    The women on the view don’t deserve any respect, especially Babs and her evil producer who was hoping for this outcome.
    I have no idea what motivates Shari or blondie but they rarely seem to act out of compassion or understanding, or that love your neighbor as yourself thing.
    I love Stephen myself and would like to have Jon Stewart’s babies. If I were into actual babies.

  • I’d have to agree it all seems like a lot of pomp and bullshit. While some call it staging (and it might well have been) I find both responses have their place. O’Reilly’s opinions are worth the air expelled to express them, so why even discuss it with the cockstain. But then again others might not learn a god damn thing unless it’s challenged so both responses were effective in their own way. Also I love Colbert and Stewart ;c)

    • **Aren’t worth***

  • Kay in KCMO:

    That Shari person is an ignoramus – she’s not sure the world is round and Christianity is the oldest religion – and Hasselbitch is so far to the right Glenn Beck probably wants to have her babies. I like Joy Behar, she seems the most no-nonsense to me. But then I think I’ve watched all of about 10 minutes total of The View throughout the years.

    Where would we be without Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Bill Hicks has been dead for years and Jon and Stephen have filled that gaping void, but only somewhat. The space that Bill left will never be completely filled.

  • LucyJoy:

    Good gravy! I haven’t watched “The View” since Rosie O’Donnell was a co-host….It doesn’t look like I’ve missed much…I’ve always liked Whoppi, but then we share the same birth date.

    Bill O’Reilly is a pompous ass, as far as I’m concerned. When he talks, it appears as though he’s looking down his nose (“I’m better than you. You don’t know as much as I do & you never will. I really just like to talk so that I can hear myself. I’m SO brilliant!”)…Ick.

    I think BW needs to retire…

    I love, love, love Jon & Stephen!

  • Cathy:

    Why did they walk off? Like the post earlier said the name of the show is the “view.” I have no respect for any of those women. Whoopi and Joy acted like immature brats. They must not be as smart as they think they are if they let O’Reilly get the best of them. I think Barb, Shari and the blonde just happen to have better manners.

  • annmarie:

    Bill is one hundred percent b.s. You were right about him just saying things to get rise out of people and not because he actually cares. I didn’t see the clip but I think it’s kind of foolish to walk away from someone like that. They know what a baffoon he is do they should have prepared themselves beforehand. Their walking off probably made him really happy, so he sort of won. Alos, did you see Ree’s post about how she sponsored her girl’s soccer team. Please, you must go see it and then do one of your funny satire posts. PLEASE? I must warn you, it was an almost impossible post to get through.

    • Rechelle:

      That’s what I want to know Annmarie – why weren’t they prepared for him? I mean – you know he is going to be awful. Like Susie said, I think the best response to someone like him might just be ‘non-plussed’ or figure out a way to laugh at his expense.

      • Meanie:

        I think they were prepared for him. They all played the parts they set out to play, consistent with the characters they have built for themselves over the years. It is, after all, a *show*. They are *actors* on a stage, concerned above all else with ratings.

        • Ann:

          I believe it was a pure publicity stunt for THE VIEW. There is a new show on CBS called THE TALK, that aired a few days after this “stunt”. What a perfect way to keep your show “in the news” by staging a walk off/temper tantrum, especially if your show is up against a brand new talk show.

  • Irma:

    I think Whoopie and Joy were totally right to walk off “as people”. I ALSO think that Barbara was right to upbraid them for it, for not acting like journalists. I may think the woman is batshit crazy half the time, but this time she was right. And I would loooove to know what was said to the two of them, off stage, to make them come back. I’m thinking it wasn’t “happy birthday”.

    And, how is THIS possible, I think Elisabeth actually made a good point! Elisabeth!

    Bottom line is that Bill O’Reilly is poison, he lives to stir the crap and incindiate. I don’t even think he cares what the issue is.

  • The reaction seemed canned to me. The body language didn’t say “I’m so pissed I have to leave”, but rather “I’m making a statement”. It doesn’t seem quite genuine.

  • 1. “Pure” b.s. – I would say 75%, the other 25% is bs mixed with 1/2 truths.

    2. Joy Behar

    3. Yes

    4. I don’t think it has anything to do w/Christianity although that’s a really interesting observation.

    5. How much? Would you convert to Catholicism for him?!

    @farmgirl, @cathy, @annmarie & @rechelle – standing up for something you believe in does not mean that you don’t have respect for other’s views; silence/inaction isn’t always a virtue

    @susie & @rechelle – they were nonplussed when he attacked them; when he was unable to get them riled up, he turned to being incendiary and began attacking people who were not in the room (very honorable by the way) based on religion regarding a VERY dangerous topic they stood up for what they believed in; there is no debate with someone who shouts, interrupts and lies

    @imma – the ONLY journalist on that show is Barbara

    Did anyone watch the following Monday? I think it was summed up best by Joy, who said, “On this show we always speak about standing up to bigotry, so I stood up”.

  • km:

    Bill O’Reilly is only interested in his wallet and he is a bully. Therefore, as a rabble rouser on Fox he can achieve his measure of wealth and yell at everyone he wants to.
    Lou Dobbs also was/is 100% baloney. His investments in the dotcom era led him to distinguish himself as a one message talking head ie anti immigration so that he could line his pocket.

    I served both of these jamokes as a waitress in NYC. People are real to waitstaff and let me tell you, both of these guys are mean buggers.

    • Ok I just have to say that I love that you used the word jamoke. Thanks for the chuckle.

    • Rechelle:

      Oooooooh – tell us the whole waitress story KM – I must know! I do think the ‘waitress test’ is a good one to determine someone’s character. People who treat waiters badly are pure craphoes… I mean crapHOLES! But maybe they are also craphoes?

      • km:

        Just general assholery. Lou Dobbs would schedule people to meet with him for 15 minutes only so, while he ate lunch, people would occupy and vacate a chair at his table numerous times during service. It was all very “petition the king” ish. Waitstaff were most definetly “the help” . If his time was so precious he should have ate at his desk. Tipped OK though.
        O’Reilly, loud, loves to hear himself talk, whiney, needs constant attention, center of his own universe, very expensive taste for someone who talks for “the common man”. Does not tip in accordance with his income nor his demands. Total fake.
        I have loads of name stories. My husband is even better. He worked in Rock Center as a bartender. I worked also in an upper East Side medical office. Typical NY stories. Julie Andrews – lovely, as was her husband. Woody Allen, does not make eye contact. Adam Ant- emaciated, Matt Dillon, needs to pay his bills not run out the door.
        Now we live so far off the beaten track we get excited to see the local weatherman:)

  • Bill is 100% crap. Just does what he does to get everyone all scrappy. I don’t watch the view, but I can tell you I DON’T like that Elisabeth chick. She’s crazy. I think that Whoopi and Joy did what they thought was right for themselves but I wish they would have stayed put. It made them look just as idiotic as him. I liked how Colbert walked off and mocked the whole situation, awesome! He rocks!

  • Heidi:

    I didn’t see the episdoe but of course saw clip after clip after clip of it.

    I think the ladies were acting like 7th grade girls when they walked off. They should have been prepared for Bill O’Reilly who is known to stir things up – especially on a panel like the View.

    Whoopi is my favorite because she seems objective on most topics.

    Barbara Walters needs to stay home every day – mainly because she thinks Kate Gosselin is going to be a big ”stah” one day. But I guess we aren’t talking about Kate are we?

    Can we talk about Kate Gosselin one day?

  • WVKay:

    1. 100%
    2. Joy Behar
    3. Sure, why not.
    4. Yes, we don’t want to be “bad” girls.
    5. Me too.