The Family Quote Board

October 19th, 2010

As I mentioned in the Dembski/Shermer debate post, I created this absolutely stunning family quote board many years ago to write down some of the more ridiculous things that my kids, husband, and various friends said.  Before it got torn up, it hung in the bathroom opposite the toilet because that is where people have the uh… time to read it.  We kept a sharpie tied to the poster and wrote things down as soon as we realized that someone had just uttered a phrase worth remembering.  We collected many a memorable saying until we had baby number four and then like everything else, it went to hell.  It was a good idea though!  We may have to revive it. And I would certainly encourage other people to make their own quote boards.  In fact, if you have one – send me a pic.  I would love to post other people’s memorable quotes.

Here are some of the more memorable quotes on our board…

Mike – Now Ethan, tell me the truth.  Who found the car – you or Calder.  What is the right answer?

Ethan – The right answer is… give me the car or I will hit you.

My brother-in-law Jason wrote this on the board himself.  I have no recollection of ever saying it.

Hey Ethan! I just figured out that X-box spelled backwards is X-box!

My nephew Seth said this one.  It’s a family favorite.

This philosophical tidbit came from the mouth of a four year old.

He was talking about me.

When I heard that Drew had said this, I knew my entire family was doomed.

Oh the imagination of a two year old!  So sweet!  So innocent!

I would highly recommend making your own quote board and also hanging it opposite the toilet.  It’s a super fun icebreaker!  Especially if you like to entertain in the bathroom.


  • I love it! When I have kids, I’ll definitely have to do one of these. My family (I’m the oldest of 5) could have certainly used one! Unfortunately I think I’m still years away from the quote board – 9 mos of gestation, plus a couple years before words come out of mouths….

  • Sara:

    In my college apartment we had a quote wall! Instead of a posterboard we kept a stack of 3×5 cards nearby and wrote funny quotes on them to post on our wall. (Quotes of a more ‘sensitive’ nature went on the backside of other quotes.) I found the stack of note cards a couple years ago, so I scanned them and put them in an album for my roommates. We had so much fun flipping through the books and laughing about the goofy stuff we used to say.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    We have a quote book at work that we print out and give to people who are leaving. Odd sayings are interspersed with Elvis quotes, as we have a die-hard Elvis fan in the mix.

  • LucyJoy:

    I have two for you: The first, one of my nephew’s at about the age of 4 when someone was complaining about a recent wet spell (we have a lot of those in Washington state), “Well, if it didn’t rain, it would be Arizona!”

    Another nephew, the brother of the above, LOVES Halloween. He was about 3 when he proclaimed, “Halloween’s my WIFE!” meaning, is was his “life”, but with a 3 year old lisp. As things turned out, his wife was born on Halloween!

  • Liz:

    Gosh, I remember this so well Rechelle and I remember Sam uttering these words and us all being totally bemused by the possible meaning. I will check with him, what on earth he meant by it.