The CD Mows

October 5th, 2010

Came home from work some time this summer and there was my bright yellow t-shirt clad husband on an orange tractor pulling a blue mower.  How could I not take a few pics?


  • km:

    Great color in this pic!

    • LucyJoy:

      I agree! Wonderful photo.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Nice! My little 1950s tractor is grey and my mower implement is rust with hints of green. Guess I should dress more colorfully on tractor days.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Men and their tractors! The Farmer used to get his down in the ditch to mow — like there was not enough to mow elsewhere. And anything heavy that needed moving, “Let me get the tractor!”

  • theresa:

    Wait a minute. Where’s the close up of his butt?