Internet Surfing Mother of Four Destroyed by Pop Tune

October 15th, 2010

Cheryl posted this video on her blog and dang it! I had to post it too. My eldest son, Calder has been playing this song non-stop for the past few weeks, but I never really listened to it until tonight. I have no idea what the particular situation is that Sara Barielles is singing about in this tune, but I sure can apply it to the life of Rechelle right now.  It got me all choked up – especially on the bridge.  Hoo boy!

P.S. She got that crown ring on her middle finger honey.  That’s Right!


  • Lee (sometimes known as Another Lee):

    “Your delusional sunset” ha! Great song. My kids are too young to introduce me to music (other than “Fruit Salad”, which I may need a lobotomy to remove). This sounds like the Rechelle Unplugged Anthem!

  • Emily:

    Not a Sara Bareilles fan in general, but I <3 this song :)

  • Charlene:

    Love every word! Thanks for introducing me to this gem.

  • LucyJoy:

    What an empowering song!

    You, Rechelle, ROCK! Your posts have given me so much strength & resolve in the past months. I just adore you!

    PS: I want that ring!

  • susan:

    W O W!!!!

    The lyrics are very profound and would love to hear the story behind them. This shows how universal problems can be for us humans.

  • We love this song at our house too, although I have yet to download it from iTunes. Instead we fire up YouTube and watch the video. And if we’re in the car, a bit of channel surfing turns it up pretty quickly. I love the song and hope they don’t kill it with over play.

  • It’s a great song. Sometimes it’s hard to find the balance between self and others. Too often we let who other people think we should be and what they think we should do drown out what we know if right for us. Then again, too often we let our own desires and feelings blind us, and we forget that some of those other people are pretty important to us after all. We may think some of their ideas and opinions are crazy, but, because of the love or respect we have for the person, we can put up with differences. Sometimes it’s a fine line and damned tricky to walk, but finding a way to balance by allowing both ourselves and others the room each requires is worth it. Love can help you walk that line. Love others. Love yourself. Give room to both.

  • eclecticdeb:

    PERFECT. I love this song — it can mean so many things. Although I have to say, I was thinking how some people could be singing this song to me. Sometimes I really need to take a chill pill.

  • JJ:

    My daughter and I love that song! We sing it in the car all the time. Love the crown ring – hey maybe she is singing to OReiley…

  • Erin:

    Cool song – I hadn’t heard it (don’t listen to much radio!) Thanks for sharing!

    BTW – sorry my football team spanked your football team so bad tonight…we thought about going to the game but the kids’ bedtime won out over the trip…

  • GA in GA:

    Love this song by Sara B. So did my daughter when she heard me listening/watching the video. Now among our iTunes collection. I had not heard it . . . guess I am admitting my addiction to NPR when in the car.

  • I too, posted this video on my blog a few months ago. It continues to to speak to me- on different levels every time I hear it.
    It’s been a little while since I listened, thanks for the reminder…

  • Martha in Kansas:

    This is good! Starting my search for a crown ring because I’ve decided recently (prompted by Flylady) that I’m the Queen around here and there are certain things the Queen deserves. Thanks!

    • Linda:

      Martha , you should be able to find some crowns at this site.
      I googled queen of everything .

      • Martha in Kansas:

        Oooooh, thanks!

        While I covet a crown ring, I am NOT going the route of the corset and tutu look.

  • Cheyenne:

    Although I don’t usually like pop music that much, I ended up listening to this one twice. Love the lyrics. It’s like anti- contemporary christian music. Good theme song.

  • I thought I heard somewhere that she wrote this song about her relationship with her record label.

  • Brooke:

    geniusofevil is right on. It’s kind of a “this is my song, my album, my life, so piss off” kind of song (my words, not hers :). I saw an interview with her (I think it was on one of the morning shows, don’t remember which one) and I remember her mentioning that it was about her creativity vs. the execs and where they thought she should be going. They’re worried about creating a “brand”, if you will, and she just wants to be herself! Kind of like “Love Song” from her other album. I love this song by the way! If I can find the interview, I’ll let you know!

  • Rechelle:

    Love a girl who fights ‘branding’ – with all my heart.