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I read Bart Erhman’s Misquoting Jesus last Spring and then attended a debate in Overland Park that featured Bart and some other guy.  The two men debated whether or not the hundreds of thousands of editing mistakes (both honest and dishonest)  in the bible throughout time are enough to cause one to question the inerrancy of scripture. In Ehrman’s latest book, Jesus, Interrupted, he covers much of the same material, but he switches out his close-up lens for a wide angle, steps back and looks at the bigger picture of historical Christianity and how it slowly evolved over hundreds of years into the faith that it is today.

Ehrman lines the four gospels up side by side (by side by side) and points out how the various view points in each book depict a very different Christ and very different version of Christianity.  He also talks a lot about the forgeries in the Bible – yes, the forgeries.  Many of the books in the New Testament are a type of forgery, as they are either credited to people who could not possibly have written them (for instance the illiterate fisherman disciples for whom the the gospels are named) or purposely claim to be written by someone who almost certainly did not write them such as the apostle Paul in Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus.  Ehrman explains how scholars determine what is a forgery in ancient documents and also discusses how they were not uncommon at all and why people pretended to be someone they weren’t when writing epistles.

Ehrman insists that almost all clergy today are taught in seminary about the forgeries, the textual variants, the other versions of Christianity that existed early on (like the Jesus whose head was in the heavens when he emerged from the tomb) and yet they rarely inform their congregations about any of these discrepancies.  Because hey!  Who’s gonna show up for an hour long service on Sunday morning based around a book that one has been taught is largely unreliable?

I totally concur with Bart and am with him 100 percent in this book.

Until page 174.

For it is on this page that Ehrman falls victim to either outright forgery or a sly textual variant, when he states….

There is no doubt in my mind that my basketball team, the Carolina Tar heels, lost in the Final Four to the Kansas Jayhawks last month (April 2008).  I hate to admit it and I wish I were wrong, but the evidence (videotapes, newspaper reporting, eyewitness testimony) is simply too strong.  Some people in Kansas might think that the results were miraculous and some in Carolina might that that they were the result of evil cosmic powers, but the results seem clear.


Ehrman grew up in LAWRENCE, KANSAS home to the KANSAS JAYHAWKS!

How can he be a TARHEEL FAN!?!?!?!?!?

How does he not bleed crimson and blue?

How can he turn his back on the college where BASKETBALL WAS BORN for a baby blue usurper that stole our coach!

Or was Bart involved in the hijacking of Roy Williams?

Did he use his dark atheistic leaning super powers to hypnotize Williams away from KU?

Does anyone care?

Not any more buddy.

Bill Self is totally better and like Bart said – we did beat North Carolina in the National Championship.

Indisputable evidence!  Filmed at Allen Field House during the game.

Despite being a Tarheel turncoat, Ehrman is a clear concise writer who has a gift for plainspeak which makes his books enjoyable to read while percolating the gray matter at the same time.  I wish every church in America would make his books required reading, but I can certainly see why they don’t.  There is nothing more scarily tenuous than a bunch of Christians who truly understand their faith.

Except for maybe a Tarheel fan who grew up in Lawrence, Kansas.

Question One

I am no expert on Bill O’Reilly, watching him primarily through a cloudy haze of YouTube clips, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but I snapped out of my O’Reilly fog this week when his remarks about the mosque at Ground Zero caused Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg to walk off the stage on The View. After watching the interview a few times, I have come to the conclusion that O’Reilly doesn’t really care whether or not a mosque is built ‘in the vicinity’ of Ground Zero. He is simply trying to illicit certain types of responses in the people that are faithful to his ‘brand’ while at the same time generating outrage from the people who despise him.  He was certainly successful in this instance.

Which brings me to question One….

What percentage of Bill O’ Reilly is comprised of pure bullshit?

Zero percent?
One hundred percent?
Seventy five percent?
Fifty percent?

Question 2

Which woman (if any) on The View do you most respect?

Question 3

Do you think that the ‘Whoopi Goldberg/JoyBehar walk off’ was an appropriate response to O’Reilly’s boorish behaivor?

Question 4

It is kind of interesting that Joy and Whoopi have an intensely emotional response to O’Reilly’s comments while the two women who like to label themselves as ‘Christians’ (Shari whatsherface and the blonde chick) sit there and do nothing and Barbara Walters shakes her fingers at her departing co-hosts and then cops to Bill.

Do you think that Christianity inhibits a person’s response to overtly bad behavior?

Question 5

I love Stephen Colbert.

Joy and Whoopi walk off The View.

Stephen Colbert walks off The View.


October 24th, 2010

This is Drew with his cousin Max..


Can you guess what they are discussing?






Nope – Football.