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Just a few snippets from what the Supreme Court Justices discussed yesterday as they considered Snyder versus the Westboro Baptist Church…

Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked about the basis for Snyder’s belief that public speech directed at a private person should be treated differently than such speech directed at a public figure.

Justice Elena Kagan questioned whether states could remedy the situation by banning funeral protests.

Justice Anthony Kennedy asked Summers whether he knew of any similar cases where damages were awarded, but Summers (Snyder’s lawyer) did not.

Chief Justice John Roberts tried to push Phelps (Margie Phelps, daughter of Fred) beyond the “facts of the case” to discuss the “broader” issues.

“This is a case about exploiting a private family’s grief,” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg said “And the question is: Why should the First Amendment tolerate exploiting this bereaved family?”

Justice Clarence Thomas asked dozens of questions and offered various hypothetical circumstances in an effort to tease out the border between communication and confrontation.

Justice Antonin Scalia questioned whether the online diatribe should be considered separately from the funeral protest, while Justice Samuel Alito suggested that it provided the context to understand the picketing.  (This is regarding a hate filled essay that referred to Snyder’s son which the WBC posted on their website shortly after the protest took place).

Justice Stephen Breyer called the Westboro statements “very obnoxious,” and raised concerns about their being broadcast over television and on the Internet. “What should the rules be there?” he said.

It seems to me from these statements that the justices feel a great amount of sympathy towards the Snyder family and seem to be genuinely questioning whether or not free speech extends to private funerals.  You can read the full article here…

Pie Near Woman ‘THE BREAD’

October 6th, 2010

Whenever I have friends or family over for dinner they always ask me one question…

Are you going to give us large sacks of cash like you did last time?

And I always smile and say…

Yes, I am making THE BREAD.

And then they say…

What about the sacks of money?

And I say…

I know, I know… THE BREAD… I am making THE BREAD.

And then they say…

When you say bread do you mean fat stacks of dollar bills in a grocery bag?

And I say -

It’s a foregone conclusion… even though that doesn’t make any sense at all.


And then I smile…

I smile because I married a ranch tycoon and you didn’t.

I smile because when I post a photo of my dog on the internet, I make like ten thousand dollars.

I smile because I wear flowy gypsy tunics with angel sleeves while working over an open flame.

And I smile because there are currently three naked cowboys sitting on my counter-top.




Take a piece of bread…

Place it in the toaster…

Turn your toaster all the way to blackest black of blackness blacker blackity black black.

This is brown.

You want it black.

Oh baby.

Do you ever want it black.


Way blacker.

Waaaaaaaaay blaaaaaaaacker.

Think of the blackness of Seal’s purply black scars.

And then think of Heidi.

And then think Seal and Heidi together.

In a giant tub of Butter.

We’re smokin’ now!

See that black part?

That’s where the flavor is.

That is the seasoning.

You know what happens next.

Yes you do.

You know you want it!


I love butter so much!

The soft, silky texture.

The way it feels against my skin…

And my tongue!

And my face.

It’s so firm and unyielding…

Until you warm it up…

And then it changes.

To something slick and slippery…

And so, so deliciously satisfying…

I want to marry butter!

And have butter’s little butter babies!

I want to feel the butter’s babies inside of me!

Swimming around in my tummy!

Oooooh!  I can feel their chubby butter kicks!

I love my chubby butter babies SO MUCH!!!


Come here chubby butter baby!

Come to mama!

Mama loves you so much!


It’s like eating a chubby baby made of butter!

My own chubby butter baby! (That is actually the baby of my other chubby butter baby who is the baby of me and butter!)

It’s the perfect crispy crunchy complement to anything you could ever want to eat!

Try it this weekend!

Served with some cowboy tenderloin!

And then make your guests put on your flowy tops!

And then give them a big bag of cash.

Love ya more than my luggage!

Pie Near Woman

Flower Gardener

October 5th, 2010

My vegetable garden was not exactly a raving success this year.

My tomatoes were full or worm holes, my cucumbers and squash were sucked to death by squash bugs and my green beans struggled in a poor patch of soil.  Only my bell pepper plants flourished… and I don’t even like bell peppers!

But my flowers were beautiful.




They seemed to know that I love them the best.