How Much Longer ’til Daylight Savings Ends?

October 29th, 2010

This is what it looks like when the school bus arrives these days.

This would also be why my kids haven’t made the bus in weeks.

None of us are willing to beat the sun out of bed.


  • You could make yourself a clock with a smoke detector speaker in it and then put a key on the off switch so you can’t easily turn the alarm off, and hide the key on the other side of the house.

  • LucyJoy:

    I don’t like fall. Period. I dread the short days & long nights. Ugh….We celebrate the Winter Solstice. Bring it on!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I hear you on the dark mornings! Luckily we’re the last bus stop on the way to school, so the sun is up 5 minutes before we get out there. But the COLD with that biting wind..ouch!

    Go away Lisa. People of all beliefs like sunrises, cooking and vacations. Similar interests in a variety of areas are what bring people together, and respecting insignificant differences keeps us together.

  • FL LIz:

    Hardy Har Har at ‘long and expensive vacations’. I fail to see the similarity between 4 star hotel ‘accidental’ upgrades and the CD family driving with a pop up trailer. Whereas the PW family looks at Time Square, the CD family looks at Buffalo. If you are referring to the European vacation of the CD family… look again. It was the opposite of a PW family vacation recap.

    Sunset pictures: Who doesn’t have 50 in their photo album? The difference between PW sunset/sunrise and a Rechelle one is…….photo shop. Rechelle’s are not extreee green/blue/red.. they are natural. Hooray for Rechelle !!!!!

    Sorry – I don’t think your comment holds water. My aunt Milly does hold water but that’s another story.

  • suzie-q:

    Oh, meow, Lisa. Beautiful shot, Rechelle. I would get up just to see that every morning. But, then, I get up every morning way before the sun rises.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    It’s another Wameeeego sunrise…

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  • Linda:

    I’d much rather see Rechelle’s vacation pictures of
    Mule Train Man” than any Charlie/Kitty picture!!!!!!

  • Rechelle:

    Lisa – Oooooh. Harsh! I guess I will stop cooking, stop noticing nature and stop taking family vacations. Are you happy now Lisa?
    Because Ree Drummond is the only person that has ever posted on any of those topics. Jesus!

  • susan:

    That was indeed harsh Lisa. Isnt it universal to enjoy and see sunsets, prepare meals, go on family vacations, etc,? That wasnt too cool Lisa…….

    I also abhor this dang daylight saving time and waking up in the dark. Late to work today because my alarm wasnt set and it was 7:20 before I awoke! Not a good hair day to say the least.

  • eclecticdeb:

    Oh good grief. By your standards, I am also copying PieNear Woman. I like taking pictures of sunsets, and I am a wicked good cook. I also have a great son that I like to talk about. Oh, my boyfriend has a really nice backside.

    Rechelle’s life is so much more real and believable. Her posts on her spirtual journey (or lack of) are thoughful and have depth and make me think.

  • km:

    For the love of the good lord don’t take a picture of a dog Rechelle or the transformation will be complete !!!!
    Seriously, I think we can safely say the Country Doctor wouldn’t stay still long enough for Rechelle to get a shot of his ass. Thank you Country Doctor:)
    Rechelle OT I cracked up at your tweet re; wine and phone.