Flower Gardener

October 5th, 2010

My vegetable garden was not exactly a raving success this year.

My tomatoes were full or worm holes, my cucumbers and squash were sucked to death by squash bugs and my green beans struggled in a poor patch of soil.  Only my bell pepper plants flourished… and I don’t even like bell peppers!

But my flowers were beautiful.




They seemed to know that I love them the best.


  • The only thing I planted was catnip. Cat seemed to like it. She was stoned on her kitty-weed a lot. She doesn’t react to the store bought stuff though, only fresh.

  • km:

    Russian Sage. It’s out front in my house. We battle a lot the two of us. It’s quite stubborn and likes to take over the place. We have yet to reach an agreement

  • susan:

    Photos and flowers are drop dead beautiful

  • Funny – myself and most of my neighbors didn’t have great luck with our veggie gardens this year either. We figure it had a lot to do with the weird weather – it rained very late and we didn’t get the long string of hot days we usually do here in California’s central valley. Not many tomatoes or peppers at all and I am usually giving them away by the basket-ful.
    At least I had my blackberries to lessen the pain.
    Your flowers are gorgeous!!

  • Bridget:

    Thank god someone else admitted to not liking bell peppers. I feel like I am suppose to like bell peppers because there really isn’t anything all that awful about bell peppers and most people aren’t really bothered by them. BUT. Yuck. They don’t do anything for me and I don’t really enjoy the taste.

    My garden and my neighbor gardens didn’t do well this year either. I think it has to do with the lack of rain and we had almost two months of 100degree plus weather. I am not sure. It just wasn’t a very productive year. We, generally, get upwards of 40 to 50 pounds of lima beans and I think that maybe we got 20 pounds this year. It was sad. Also all my tomatoes got eaten by some strange bug and then I figured out that birds were sucking out the center of the tomato because they needed water. A bird bath seem to fix that problem.

    I love the first picture- I want to fill my yard up with flowers like that. I love gardens that have a more wild look. One of these years. I will get around to it. My grandmother was an avid gardener- walking into her backyard was like walking into another world, I can not describe how beautiful and peaceful it was. I am hoping that I can follow in her footsteps- one of these days.