Fall Color – Don’t Forget the Shrubbery!

October 24th, 2010

This is a great time of year to buy a shrub.

I know, I know – you are probably thinking Hey Rechelle!  Isn’t it is always a great time of year to buy a shrub!  And… Are you serious Rechelle? – I buy shrubs at least once a week!  And…  Hello!  When exactly is it NOT a great time to buy a shrub!

Well – yes – it is almost always a good time to buy a shrub (except for when the ground is frozen) but right now is an especially good time to buy one.


Because right now you can see the shrubs in all of their Autumnal glory!

And please try and remember!  I work at a Garden Center people! Shrub viewing is one of many ways that I occupy myself during the slower seasons at work.  Here are other things that I do when the Garden Center is deader than a door nail…

Dust shelves.

Sweep floors.

Dust more shelves.

Dust more.




Sweep floor.

Take long slow drinks at the water fountain.

Arrange Christmas merchandise!

Christmas stuff!!!


More Christmas.


Even more Christmas…

Still Christmas.

Christmas crap.

Christmas crapola.

More Christmas Crap!

Lose desire to ever celebrate Christmas again.


Long slow drink of water….

Dust more shelves.

Notice with prickly tingles of fear that there are teeny tiny mouse turds on the low shelf that I am dusting.

Worry that I am now going to die from deer mouse fever.

Deer mouse fever.

Death from deer mice.




Chat with co-workers.

Chat with co-workers some more.



Christmas crap.


Dust more shelves.

Admire shrubs.


So admiring the shrubs is just one of the many intense responsibilities that I have at my job during the slow season.

It’s not easy being me.

Here are a few shrubs that have exceptional Fall color….

Lynwood Gold Forsythia.

Turns out that the bright yellow Spring plant also has great fall color.



From brilliant gold to ruby red, there are several variety of Sweetspires that put on a great Fall display.


Currently my favorite fall shrub for it’s brilliant orange leaves.  I want to plant one of these surrounded by Blue May Salvia.

Burning Bush.

No one does Fall like the Burning Bush.

Oregon Grape Holly.

Want some Fall color in a shade garden?  This is your plant.

Snowball Viburnum.

Massive white blooms in the Spring and dramatic wine colored foliage in the Fall.  I hope to plant one of these in the near future.

Now go out and admire you some shrubbery people!


  • Tracy:

    I loved this post. Funny and informative. I think I want to plant a Burning Bush in my yard now.

  • Lee (sometimes known as Another Lee):

    This is hysterical. I am so like that when I am stuck in a boring situation. Excellent run-down on boredom and bushes. (And nice photography – bonus!)

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    Argh! No Oregon Grape Holly! It spreads EVERYWHERE thanks to the birds who love to eat the berries and poop the seeds and it is horrible when you’re trying to get ride of it. Trust me, I have the scratch scars to prove it.

    I will agree that it is beautiful to look at in the fall. From a distance. In someone elses’ yard. While they curse as they are scratched while trying to control it. While I sit sipping hot apple cider and musing over the well spent $$$ to have professionals come out and ours under control.

  • Freth:

    I think it is those long slow drinks at the water fountain …