Email Dilemma, and Goodnight Moon and A Name That Photo Contest!

October 25th, 2010

I got the following email today in my blog inbox…

Subject: hypnotism

Message: I am practicing hypnotism. I know it is weird but would you
like to try getting hypnotized again so I could practice? I know it’s
weird having a random guy message you about. But if you want to try
let me know.


I have already sent Dear Charles a letter to help me decide how to respond to this request because I have NO IDEA!!!!!


Tonight at dinner Drew told us that his gym teachers allow the kids to pick a song of their choice to listen to during warm-ups.

Calder said, “I hope you picked Goodnight Moon’ by Go Radio.

And then I said, “Is the song based on the book?”

And Calder said, ‘No’ and then he jumped up and turned the song on the computer.

And I said, “How do you know that it is not about the book?”

And Calder said, “I just know.”

And then I listened to the song and it is totally about the book.

Sort of…

Well, it references the book.



Finally – I am working on a new Pie Near Woman post and below is one of the resulting photos. The best caption wins a copy of Tim Gunn’s latest book ‘Gunn’s Golden Rules’ which is a fun, spirited read, chock full of gossipy goodness and wise advice. Also – it makes a great last minute gift should you need one this upcoming Holiday Season.

So leave a caption for this photo in the comments.

Contest ends Friday.

Yes, you can submit more than once, just don’t be annoying about it.


  • LucyJoy:

    PW & Charlie fainted with delight when MM decided to wear his chaps & hairy cow vest over his PJ’s; Sexy ass 24/7!

  • Kibbles and Butts, Kibbles and Butts…I’m gonna get me some Kibble and Butts!

  • Cassie C.:

    Ok, so I get that Pie Near woman is gettin a better look at MM’s ass, but what’s Charlie think he’s lookin at??

  • After wrestling PW to the ground MM finally got that beautiful racoon vest away from her and after kicking the dog he promptly began prancing.

    • Kay in KCMO:

      Everyone should use the word ‘prancing’ more often.

  • Sarah:

    PW decided to take her Doritos-smelling pooch’s advice and admire the back of MM’s chaps from a lower altitude. Charlie has passed out because he realized what MM does to those poor male cows.

  • Lee (sometimes known as Another Lee):

    Pie Near Woman pretended to slip on a stick of butter to better check out the unchapped portions of MM’s anatomy. Sorry Charlie!

  • NCme:

    Pie Near Woman faints after MM announces he is giving up the faux ranching life to join the revival company of The Village People for a 6 month booking in Vegas. Charlie is just mimicking Pie Near Woman, because as we know, he is completely co-dependent.

  • Boz:

    “Now, who do I sleep with first? I just can’t decide!”


  • Mary:

    Who cut the cheese?

    • LucyJoy:


  • trudy:

    Chaps……lets cowboys pass gas with reckless abandon.

  • km:

    His wearing of her blue eyeshadow was too much for both wife and dog

  • km:

    No ! I’m his superflamboyant twin brother Marlboro Ma’am, now get up off the floor both of you.

    • Shelly:

      That’s AWESOME!!!!

  • km:

    The ass !….. It’s always the ass with you two! But what about THIS package???

    (ok guys, I’ll stop now:))

  • Lucy: “I see China, I see France, I see Tim Gunn’s underpants!”

  • Alesia:

    Help me Rhonda; He’s not wearing wranglers!

    • Jennine:


  • Mo:

    Pink Cowboys. Always knocking people over with the door on their way out of the closet.

    • km:

      Love it !

  • tony:

    scratch his belly, scratch his belly…oh please, scratch his belly.

  • sandy:

    Just make sure to warn me first so I don’t have coffee in my mouth while reading. My poor keyboard :(.

  • sandy:

    Oops…..sorry, no caption idea. I really would never try to outwit you!

  • Melissa:

    Holy Yoga pants, are those my holey yoga pants?

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    There’s a bestiality joke in there somewhere but I’m too polite to make it. Oh, wait, I guess I’m not!

  • Kait:

    I was checking out a recipe on Kayotic Kitchen today. Noticed one of the comments mentioned a PW recipe ( how great it was. Kay readily responded she was familiar with it as originally posted here (
    Funny, when I originally read the recipe of PW’s it sounded just like she made it up herself. What a surprise! Can you smell the sarcasm in the air?

  • Meanie:

    yet another attempt by Pie Near Woman to see how many fundamentalist homeschooling mothers will adopt a ridiculous, impossible posture.

  • Charlie: Sweet balls! No, I’m serious, found that out last night.
    Pie Near Woman: If only I could read Charlie’s mind.
    MM(to himself): Thank goodness she can’t read Charlie’s mind!

    I am sick and wrong, I know.

  • Joel Wheeler:

    “Honey, do these chaps make my ass look virile?”

  • Black Heels To Tractor Wheels To A Long Stay In A Padded Cell- Marlboro Man’s Tragic Descent Into Madness: A Love/Hate Story.

  • Emma:

    Really sad and scary.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Everything’s better with butter.

  • Clay:

    LMAO! Rechelle, you evil genious. You knew what they would say. Such fun!

  • km:

    Having been locked up in a wicker cell with only a rectangle of a window to look out, Virginia Slims was here, was queer, get used to it !!!!

  • Tammy S:

    Thinks to herself, “This is GREAT. It’s the only angle I haven’t exploited yet!” Then aloud, “somebody hand me my camera!”

  • Karen:

    Still trying to figure out how I can make THE BREAD if I spend my day staring at MM’s Wranglers from every possible angle??

  • Shelley:

    A Forgone Conclusion

  • Shelley:

    Gestating Wildly

  • km:

    Yes ! I have unleashed my unstoppable virility. No living thing is safe from me!

  • Betsy:

    and yet again, Rochelle shows her ridiculously insane jealousy over another blogger – seriously get over her.

    • Jill:

      Betsy, grow a sense of humor, for God’s sake. If you cannot handle a little bit of satire, do not come to Rechelle’s site. You would be better off staying with Ree’s sheeples at her blog.

      And more importantly, why would anyone be jealous of the Pioneer Woman? She is an astute businesswoman, but otherwise vapid and boring.

    • Rechelle:

      You aren’t THE Betsy are you? I never pegged you for a complainer Betsy. Always thought you were more the ‘barely tolerating her’ type. But sometimes I think you write half of her comments. I hope she pays you well for that.

    • WVKay:

      Her name is Rechelle, not Rocelle.

      • WVKay:

        *Rochelle, I mean. LOL.

  • Betsy:

    Jill: have you missed the last year or so of this blog? Rechelle is completely jealous, she didn’t get television interviews or the possibility of a movie. I’m NOT a huge fan of Ree’s but she’s not petty like Rechelle is.

    Also, seeing as Rechelle is now an ‘athiest’ I’m sure you ‘for God’s sake’ comment is unappropriate as she no longer believes in Him.

    • WVKay:

      I’m certain Rechelle is shredding her hair shirt over the fact that she didn’t get television interviews or the possibility of a movie. The very idea sends me into paroxysms of laughter. Bless her atheist heart.

    • Karen:

      Betsy: Is there some reason you continue to read this blog then? Just a suggestion for something completely in your control, seems from your comments you find it distasteful.

    • Jill:

      No Betsy, I have not missed the last year or so of this blog. You are making strong statements; maybe not everyone wants to be on television or have a movie made about them. There is more to life that superficial popularity.
      I do not even know why I am wasting my time responding to you and I cannot figure out why you are here…

    • eclecticdeb:

      Oh Good Lord ! (and yes, that was intentional)

      So anyone who questions Ree is jealous? I don’t think that’s the issue. Rechelle is very humerously pointing out that what is portrayed on the Pie Near Woman’s site is NOTreal life. It’s a made up fantasy world, carefully contstructed to make as much money as possible.

      Do you have any idea how much money the Drummond’s make from the government by keeping those wild mustangs on their property? Millions and millions! (yes, MILLIONS!) It’s not because they feel deeply for those beauties. I’d be willing to bet that if the government subsidies dried up, those 4-legged creatures would be off to a glue factory pretty darn quick.

  • I wish I could quit you….

  • WVKay:

    Hey, baby, I told you I liked my toast burnt.

  • WVKay:

    Where in the hell is my Tim Gunn Book?

  • Jennie:

    Rechelle, I love PDub’s website….and I love yours too. Keep on keeping on, you are funnneeeeee!

  • Bridget:

    After years of lactating wildly at the thoughts of getting into Cowboy Tim’s wranglers. Ree plays dead in hopes that he will give her mouth to mouth. Charlie is just hoping that Ree will invite him into the Lodge, to eat THE BREAD. He is sick of eating bowls full of calf nuts. HELP ME RHONDA!

    **Cowboy Tim: MM’s brother

  • Megan:

    Nothing clears a room faster than burnt toast farts.

  • Betsy:

    Sorry Rechelle, not “the Betsy”. I’ll comment when I feel like you’re completely self absorbed – like I do now. You may need to go to counseling if you spent how many hours on your Pie-Near QVC thing. So sad. Don’t you have better things to do?

    • Rechelle:

      Betsy darling – thank you so much for offering to be my self absorption barometer. I don’t know what I would do without you!

  • jalf:

    @Betsy. Taking yourself seriously is just boring. Making fun of those who take themselves seriously is… fun. I don’t really see the problem.