October 24th, 2010

This is Drew with his cousin Max..


Can you guess what they are discussing?






Nope – Football.


  • Tracy:

    Love it! Such beautiful sunlight behind them, it seems they should be discussing something deep. (But I guess for guys football IS deep!)

  • M C:

    Gotta say…for someone who hates the PW so much and believe she even stole from your blog, it is REALLY interesting that you wrote this post just a week after she wrote this:

    • Rechelle:

      I went and looked at the post M.C. At first I thought you were referring to a comment, so I tried to read them, but they were so stupidly inane I couldn’t get far. Then I realized that you were referring to the content of her post. Okay…. if you want to compare this post to hers – have at it.

  • Sharon:

    What I love about these pictures is that it demonstrates one of the behaviors of boys that I find so mysterious — constant body contact. Why must they always be touching each other?

    ~Mom of 2 boys

    • Rechelle:

      Probably so that it is easier to punch them if the need arises.