When She Finally Does Post, It’s Only Another Video

September 9th, 2010

But dang it!  This one is funny.

Later today (as if) I promise to post a long and painfully emotional thank you letter to Ree Drummond for her amazing, insightful and incredibly penetrating post “Ten Important Things I’ve Learned About Blogging” because wow – my whole life is changed now.  You totally rock Ree!!!!


  • Michelle Z.:

    That long haired Jesus was kinda sexy. (Not the one with the gun, the other one.)

    • kimj:

      You are right…it is funny!!

  • Bobbie J Thompson:

    Most Christians do not approve of what he is doing and the video is funny.

  • Mistergee:

    This guy,Terry Jones is a mess. He is a criminal who has committed several crimes and paid the fiines. He calls himself a man of God. He is an absolutely a NUT CASE and If he is a man of God, we are all in trouble. Gainesville is just 25 miles from my home. They are estimating the City of Gainesville will spend nealy $ 100,000 for additional security to protec5t the citizens from the potential of a terrorist attack in Gainesville on Saturday. I, along with. over 90.000 people will watch a football game about 12 blocks from the koran burning. The morning paper, The Gainesville Sun said the city would bill this man and his church for the extra security costs. I thought it was against the law to cause such a disturbance. Why don’t they just ;put him in jail and then upon proper examination put him in an institution for the insane or otherwise confused and bewildered. This nutso needs to be locked ujp.

    • Jimmy-boy:

      If some guy wants to burn his own property, why can’t he? Sure – he’s a wack job. But no more so than those who, say, belong to an organisation that teaches that the aids virus can get through condoms, for example. Or those who believe that if they mumble to a dead guy, something might happen?

      Why do so many folks think that their right to be offended croses over into a right to then do something to stop the offender? If he isn’t actually hurting anyone (and clearly burning books, while silly, doesn’t really hurt anyone much), then really – who cares? Why lock him up and not the folks who pray in tongues, or claim Jebus talks to them, etc?

      • Rechelle:

        He’s after more than just burning his own property. Therein lies the rub.

        • Jimmy-boy:

          Is he? I’ve missed it if he is (apologies): what’s he proposing?

          • Rechelle:

            It seemed to me he was attempting to incite hatred and I am sure he was successful to a degree. Fortunately, he called the book burning off.

  • Ann:

    So funny! Loved it. Of course funniest part is the way everybody (as in all the news outlets) spells Koran differently. Just like Quadaffi a few decades ago. Remember? Makes non-spellers like me feel good for a small moment.

    • Michelle Z.:

      Or Hanukkah…Chanukah…Hannukah…Fesitval of Lights.

  • I inadvertently clicked on the “Ten important Things” link, and now I think i am going to hurl. I need a shower, a couple of drinks, and an Ex-Lax now. Geez. Maybe Terry Jones can burn her blog along with the Qu’rans. I would pay to see that.

  • km:


  • Linda:

    This is great – I laugh out loud every time I watch it.