Uncle Tom’s Staircase to Hell-o-stone – I Mean YELLOWSTONE Waterfall

September 10th, 2010

Me and my boys and two Asian kids at the bottom of a waterfall in Yellowstone. We hiked down 328 metal stairs that are somehow attached to the side of a mountain to reach this platform and then we turned around and climbed back up.

I wore a skirt that day. I was the only person in Yellowstone wearing a skirt and I felt a little bit like I was Amish or something, but I love that skirt.  It’s so comfortable.  I have had that skirt since college.  It has a miracle waistband that fits me in all sorts of size permutations and the cut somehow minimizes everything that needs minimizing and maximizes everything that needs maximizing which on me it means that it shine a bright beam on my awesome earlobes.

And this is what we looked like after the climb back up the stairs.
Not quite as fresh.
Even my magic skirt can’t make this photo look good.


  • Erin:

    STAIRS! Reminds me of when I went over to visit my CD when he did his international rotation in Australia — we did one hike that I swear was all stairs…we would go down some stairs, hike for a few hundred feet, then go up some stairs, then hike some more, then go down some stairs…this went on for a very long time, and unfortunately was in the midst of a very out of shape time for me. I was cursing at the stairs, and I never wanted to see another flight of stairs for as long as I lived! –Oh, and I forgot to mention that towards the end of the hike we had to pick up the pace because we had to catch the last bus back to town, and if we missed it we would have several more miles to hike back. So we had to do stairs QUICKLY! :-(

    Love all your Yellowstone pictures – I have never been there, we hope to take the kids at some point growing up! The lodges are all beautiful!

  • Oh gosh! We did that hike when we were there. Brutal. Wonderful, but brutal.

    I need a skirt like that – I’m headed to Las Vegas at the end of the month. It’s going to be much warmer than the 55 degree weather I’m used to.

  • Stairs like that suck! Makes me think of KU and going up the big hill that starts at Haworth and ends at Wescoe, although not all stairs, still a monster. Love that skirt! Have about 6 like that. If you want to know where I got them let me know. They’re all I where in summer.

  • susan:

    Even CD looks fatigued. I didnt think that EVER happens.

  • I did those stairs when I was 12. It is far more rewarding to read about you doing it. Thanks for taking my place over there. EFH

  • My boss likes to make us run those %$&!# stairs. Multiple times. I usually rebel and opt to be official photographer.

    You’re right. That skirt is awesome. And you all look awesome as well. Even your new Asian kids. : )

  • LucyJoy:

    Love the skirt! I’m with you – I also figure if guys had started wearing skirts in the old days, they’d still be wearing them. They’re sooooo much more comfortable than pants, especially in hot weather.

    Those stairs would have scared the bejeezeus out of me! Good lord! Great photos, though. A picture is worth a thousand words!

  • I have that same magic skirt! It’s from American Eagle! A college friend gave it to me as a hand-me-down years ago, & I wear it to this day! My weight’s fluctuated about 20 pounds up & down since I got it, & it always fits :)

    We should get together in that skirt sometime & compare earlobes :)