Saint Marys Academy Tames the Shrew

September 27th, 2010

On Friday night we drove to Saint Marys, a nearby town to watch ‘Shakespeare Under the Stars’.  I was mistakenly under the impression that a group of community members had produced a version of The Taming of The Shrew as a fundraiser to repair an aging WWII memorial. Excited to participate in a rare bit of culture for these parts, I packed a picnic supper, a few blankets, and shoe-horned my reluctant children into the mini-van.

Pertinent factoids…

Saint Marys is home to a school called Saint Marys Academy which is part of the schismatic Catholic group, Saint Pius X of whom Mel Gibson is their most famous member.

Saint Pius X does not accept the changes made to Catholicism under Vatican 2.  They claim to follow the pope, but at the same time believe that the papacy is currently vacant as the current ‘pope’ does not follow the right rules.

A splinter group that broke off of this splinter group elected their own pope – Pope Michael.

Saint Pius X churches still hold the Latin mass – because everyone knows that this is the language that Jesus spoke.

Members of this sect are easily identifiable in this area for their conservatively dressed women who wear ankle length skirts, loose fitting blouses, have long hair and are hemmed in on all sides by an enormous passel of offspring.

In recent years, the numbers of Saint Pius X members have grown to outnumber the regular townsfolk in Saint Marys.  Not all the Pius X families can afford the private tuition at the Academy, so they homeschool in great numbers and also send their kids to the local public schools.  They have enormous power in town politics and can quickly organize on issues that matter to them and overwhelmingly elect people from their sect to represent them.  They seem to be specialists in circumventing government regulations and among other things are rumored to live in unfinished houses to avoid paying full property taxes.

Some members of the local group were investigated after the Oklahoma City bombing.  There were suspicions that the mysterious third person who was spotted with Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols was associated with the Academy, but no charges were ever brought against anyone in the town.

This from the Topeka Capitol Journal

May 1995: Federal agents questioned three St. Marys residents but found no evidence linking them to the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. The FBI agents were looking for information on John Doe 2, an unidentified man thought to be involved in the bombing on April 19, 1995.

The FBI was looking into activities of homegrown militia groups and reportedly conducted interviews with three staff members at St. Mary’s Academy and College. Local law enforcement said no apparent link was found between the academy and the bombing.

In February of 2008, the Saint Mary’s academy called a halt to a basketball game in their school gym because a female referee showed up to officiate. The game was one of two slated for the private school to play a team that was a member of the Kansas State High-school Activities Association. Most of the Academy’s games are against other private schools who probably defer to their ‘no female referees allowed rule’, but the state association does not schedule it’s referees according to the discriminatory policies of private religious institutions. When the female referee was told by Academy representatives she could not officiate the game, the other KSHSAA referee decided he also would not officiate the game. Eventually a referee was found from a previous game that day and the Academy’s athletic director donned a striped shirt and became the game’s second referee.  Saint Marys Academy issued the following statement a few days later…

[the] formation of adolescent boys is best accomplished by male role models”, and that “teaching our boys to treat ladies with deference, we cannot place them in an aggressive athletic competition where they are forced to play inhibited by their concern about running into a female referee”

This event made national news.  Michelle Campbell, the official who was kicked out of the game was asked to appear on several talk shows including Good Morning America for which she was interviewed by phone.  In an ESPN article Campbell was quoted as saying…

“Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs,” Campbell said. “I guess the rub with me is that it’s not a belief of my own and yet I was subjected to it.”

The unsung hero in this story is the other referee, Darin Putthoff, a Topeka minister who refused to officiate the game after he was told that Campbell would not be allowed to do her job.

In the Topeka Capitol Journal he said the following…

“I was shocked, immediately caught off guard. I said, ‘If Michelle has to leave, I’m leaving with her,’ and we all walked. As far as I’m concerned, I’m never coming back.”

After this story broke, the KSHSAA had to review it’s policies and then decide if they would continue to allow Kansas public schools to play sports against the Academy.  I was unable to find out what they decided.  If you know, please fill me in.

‘Academy people’ are a part of my daily life in the small Kansas town where I live.  I see them all the time – at the grocery store, at work, at the park, so I am kind of used to their particular brand of religious lunacy, but I was under the impression that the Shakespeare event was a ‘townie’ production and had nothing to do with the Academy.  The play was billed as a fundraiser for a war memorial and not for the school and it was taking place on the town’s public golf course and not on the extensive grounds of the private school.  Shortly after we arrived at the show, we discovered that the golf course is directly adjacent to the grounds of the school and that the war memorial was on the grounds of the Academy!

We were duped!


The event started off very nicely.  We parked in a large lot on the school grounds and then rode in the back of a pick-up truck with a group of young people (the girls all in skirts) to the golf course.  It was a crisp early fall night, perfect for an outdoor event.  There were an array of booths set up as we walked to find a seat.  Hamburgers were grilling.  Popcorn was popping.  The Academy folks are sort of a non-stop parade of ‘society for creative anachronism’, the only difference being, that they never take their costumes off nor fall out of character, so they probably did not have to dig very deeply in their closets to find the material for the old timey black smith exhibition we walked past.  Lots of the women in the audience were dressed up in Shakespearean garb too… or maybe that was their regular clothes?  In Saint Marys, you never really know.  Overall, it was a pleasant, subdued carnival like atmosphere except for the few sideways glances I got for wearing blue jeans, heels and a silky blouse that showed an obscene amount of my bare arms.  We spread our blankets out on the grassy hillside, sliced up some cheese and salami, passed around some grapes and settled in to watch the show.

The first act of the play was wonderful.  Once the actors got over an initial set of the jitters, they had a lot of energy on stage, especially the young man who played Petruchio.  He stole the show with his husky blond good looks, deep voice and energetic wrestling matches with the actress who played Katherina, the shrew he was trying to tame.  I was not familiar with this particular Shakespeare play, but at the intermission I did not have any misgivings about the content of the show. We were watching two very strong characters at war with each other – Petruchio and Katherina, but they seemed evenly matched.  I was sure that good old Shakespeare would resolve this story in a humorous way where both characters got their just deserts.

Was I ever wrong…

In the second act Petruchio ‘tames’ his new wife by refusing to feed her, taunting her with beautiful gifts and then taking them away and finally forcing her to accept his ludicrous statements when they are obviously untrue – such as the sun is the moon or an old man is a young woman.  He then threatens to keep her from her sister’s wedding if she fails to accept his every statement (no matter how absurd) as undeniable truth.  Every scene in the second act with Petruchio and Katherina is cruel and humiliating for his new bride.  We watch Petruchio break Katherine’s will.  She transforms from a pugnacious spit-fire with a general hatred for all humanity to a hungry, haggard woman who crumbles under the cult like programming to which her husband subjects her.  She becomes his zombie puppet – agreeing to everything he commands.  She ends the show by giving a tender, heartfelt speech of love and devotion to her ‘lord’ her ‘king’ her ‘master’ Petruchio, while the other men in the show congratulate him for taming such a wretched, surly shrew.

The end.

And what a dismal end it was.  To watch this show take place in it’s traditional form in any venue today would be off-putting, but to watch it unfold in Saint Marys, Kansas – right next to the grounds of Saint Marys Academy, where female referees are asked to leave high-school basketball games, the female students aren’t allowed to play sports and all the women are wearing ankle length skirts was especially disturbing.

I watched a few scenes from a variety of different ‘Shrew’ productions online to see if a different director would put a different spin on some of the more disturbing scenes in the show.  I though that maybe it could be played with more irony or sarcasm depicting a Katherina that manages to seem to obey her husband while simultaneously ridiculing him.

In the BBC version, John Cleese plays overbearing Petruchio while Sarah Badel submits without a trace of irony.

Elizabeth Taylor’s shrew also lovingly, humbly and with enough eyeshadow to choke an elephant surrenders her entire being to her overlord Richard Burton’s Petruchio.



In a modern re-telling of this story, starring the juicy morsel that is Rufus Sewell as Petruchio and the whirling dervish that is Shirley Henderson as Katherina, the two characters find a much more interesting balance in the end.  She continues to be a power driven career woman heartily shaking her fist at everything in site, but refuses to sign a pre-nup as a symbol of her devotion while Petruchio stays at home to raise their resulting triplets!  Here at last is a version of Shakespeare’s Shrew that I can live with!

It is easy to see why the ‘Academy folks’ would choose this particular Shakespeare play.  It fits perfectly with their world view in many ways.  I do wonder if they decide to make this an annual fund-raising event if any other Shakespeare plays will meet the standards of their unfortunate philosophy or if they will be forced to perform The Taming of the Shrew year after year after freaking year.

Hey Saint Marys Academy Folks! How about doing this version of ‘Shrew’ next year? I think it would be a Big Hit!

Could you get Rufus Sewell to play the lead?



  • km:

    I began to read the post and got to Taming of the Shrew and I thought, god, I hate that play. Do you know what’s just as bad “The Quiet Man” and old John Wayne movie about Ia Hollywood version of I reland (ie total nonsense) in the early part of the centrury, same b.s. How Maureen o”Hara put up with that drivel I have no idea, but I suppose it put her on the map.
    Do you know another one I hate – Grease. Nice girl changes entirely to impress asshole. It’s another one that does the rounds in teenage acting. Why is it still put on??? The music is good mind you, but I hate the show’s message.

    • Jill:

      Don’t forget that Danny “changed” too….he shows up at the fair in a letterman’s jacket!

      • km:

        Still bollocks. You shouldn’t change just to suit someone. What a message for the teenager audience. Sheesh.
        still like the music though:)

  • Martha in Kansas:

    What a terrible influence you are! I was at the bookstore TWICE this weekend and ended up buying, well let’s just not count how many books you’ve recommended. Now I see I’m going to have JOIN Netflix and watch this movie. Thanks so much!

    I’ve wondered what was going on in St. Mary’s. Whenever I drive through, there is no one out at all. I thought the school had folded and been taken over by someone else. I’ll be looking with new eyes, next time I drive that way!

  • Chrissy:

    It’s been forever and a day since I read this play in high school (an all girls catholic high school to boot) however when we read it, I remember the funny part, the sarcastic, ironic part, was that the sister who all the men wanted to marry, who was supposed to be sweet and do whatever any male tell her to do, ended up being the alpha, pain in the ass once married. The guy was so smitten over the sister that she ended up walking all over him after marriage. So what I learned was this: act like a pussycat and take the claws out when needed. Don’t show your cards too early…or you’ll be beat to the punch. That is if you want a relationship that is played like a game. or something. That play is actually my favorite.

    Also Ten Things I Hate About You was based on the play. I heart Heath Ledger (tear…) and I like how they approached that side of the story. (Even if it isn’t true to form per se)

    *and no, I’m not a religious nut job. I barely ever go to church and really don’t know what I believe. Most of my friends refer to themselves as “recovering catholics” or “yoga” when asked for religious affiliation :)

  • As soon as you started describing St. Marys I thought “no wonder they picked that play.” Blech. I typically adore Mr. Shakespeare. I like to believe his heart was more in the Rufus Sewell vein than the traditional approach, but I’m sure I’m deluding myself.

    What’d the boys think?

  • I’m sure next year’s rendition of “The Passion of the Christ” will be a lot more fun. I hear the male referee is going to play the part of…who was that guy? Oh yeah, James Caviezel.
    Make sure you bring a box of Franzia along with you, too!

  • Best rendition of The Taming of the Shrew ever was an episode of the television show Moonlighting! I hadn’t read the Shakespeare version when I first saw that episode. I thought their portrayal was hilarious, so I checked out Shakespeare’s book from the library. I was truly aghast.

    Just went to find a link for that episode and found out that the entire Moonlighting series was based on the Shrew. Huh. I might have to watch this again as an adult.

  • Samantha:

    There is a Bonanza episode, yes I said Bonanza that does a version of The Taming of the’s my favorite. It’s called ‘Woman if Fire’ I think you will like it.

  • Kiara:

    I read this play in school, and I actually really liked it. Although, maybe I like it so much because it was the only non-tragic Shakespeare play that we got to read in high school (I hate tragedies).

  • Cacklin Rose:


    That is all.
    That is enough.


  • I really do need to read “The Taming of the Shrew”! I’ve seen a few updated versions of it, but they weren’t like you describe the play. “Ten Things I Hate About You” was one, and there was another movie, I think, but I can’t remember the name. Also, there was an episode of “Moonlighting” that was really good. I was under the impression that the original play was like these adaptations with more give and take between the characters. I’m also going to check out the movie you’ve mentioned here.

    As for the habits and practices of the people of St. Marys, who am I to stand in the way of someone who wants to dress in ankle-length skirts *if that’s their preference*? Even if it’s a bright orange polyester number from the 70s. However, I find their behavior in regards to the referee situation reprehensible.

  • annmarie:

    Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? You look like Jennifer Grey. I think she is really pretty ( even with her fake nose) so I hope you aren’t insulted by this observation. You really do look like her. I think it’s the mouth.

    • Martha in Kansas:

      I was thinking the same thing last night! It’s not just the mouth, but also her expressions and the way she moves her eyes. Or something. I thought it was quite striking.

  • ohno. I am glad I don’t live there. I could not take that crap.

  • Louise:


    You really should do some research before you write. Within the first 3 paragraphs you have 3 major errors. And the rest of your blog post just gets more and more ridiculous from that point on.

    1) The SSPX is not a schismatic group or in schism. Here are the Pope’s own words when he was Cardinal Ratzinger:
    “From the examination of the case… it did not result that the facts referred to in the above-mentioned decree, are formal schismatic acts in the strict sense, as they do not constitute the offense of schism.”

    2) Mel Gibson is not a member, or attendee, or supporter of the SSPX. He never has been. He owns his own church.

    3) The SSPX does not believe the papacy is empty. They believe that Pope Benedict is the valid Pope.

    • Rechelle:

      Louise – I found all my information from news reports and legitimate articles about the group. If it runs counter to your information that does not necessarily mean it is wrong, it might mean that my source is wrong or it could mean that (gasp) YOU are wrong! I think that the new pope may have recently ‘okayed’ this schismatic group, but I am unsure of the status on that issue – I know at one point it was being considered. It is certainly a schismatic group as regular Catholics would be in ‘disobedience’ to take communion at one of their services. Mel Gibson has long been the most famous member of this schismatic group. St. Pius X is the same group that is frequently associated with holocaust denial and deeply held anti-semitic views. The pope’s words as Cardinal Ratzinger have nothing to do with the pope’s words as the pope.

  • Spinny:

    OMG, Shirley Henderson is the actress who plays Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter films!! Her voice and annoyed look are so distinctive.

  • kimj:

    So, the local papers advertised this play as a fundraiser for the World War II memorial. Are the proceeds not going to this memorial? If not…this is one sneaky group of people. One of the Academy moms came into the clinic the other day with her little boy, who was selling chocolate candy. I asked him what he was raising money for, and he said, “a Christian school.” Then I asked him where the school was, and he said, “Lawrence.” Does the Academy now have a school in Lawrence? Or are these people having to lie to actually get people to buy their candies, quilts, cookies, popcorn…whatever it is they’re selling?!

  • Louise:


    Just because you found those misconceptions have already been published in previous news reports, that doesn’t mean that what was published is true. The SSPX is often lied about, because people do just what you did.. use Google, and not verify. So once a lie has been printed about the SSPX, forever and ever it is repeated and spread by people like you.

    And, be honest. It was made VERY CLEAR in the newspapers that the Memorial Arch belongs to St. Mary’s College and is on the property. It is also clear that the play raised money ONLY for the restoration of the WWI Memorial Arch. And, it was also made clear that the play was the effort of people from local communities, including your hometown of Wamego, and that those involved are not just SSPX supporters.

    You must read as well as you research to have missed all that.

  • Rechelle:

    Louise – I spent some time this morning verifying my facts. There are two camps. The SSPX has their version of the SSPX and the rest of the world including the catholic church has a quite different version. I think both versions are pure silliness – but in terms of what is legitimately catholic and what is not – I think I will trust the sanctioned church websites over anything published by SSPX.

    This is where I found the info about the play – As you can see – the article MAKES NO MENTION OF THE ACADEMY ANYWHERE.

    What is more important here Louise is how disturbing it is to watch a production about the subjugation of women put on by a group of religious nut-jobs that are famous for subjugating women. Let’s talk about that next okay Louise! Because isn’t that far more troublesome than a bunch of loons getting all hepped up over speaking Latin gibberish in church.

    • Spinny:

      Is it wrong that my first thought on reading Louise’s post was, “dammit, now I need to go make popcorn, this is getting good.”

    • Louise:

      Of course the link you provided doesn’t mention the Academy… it just links to a gallery of photos. You know, photos without words. So, yes, you would actually have to read to know about the Academy connection. Here’s the story that the photos relate to:
      It mentions St. Mary’s Academy and College 4 times. Note this part in particular:
      “Admission is free, but donations are being sought to preserve and restore the World War I Memorial Arch that stands near the south gate of St. Mary’s Academy & College.”

      That the Arch sits on the Academy/College property and the Play was to raise funds for it was also mentioned in The St. Marys Star and in The Wamego Smoke Signal.

      Obviously you are familiar with the area, so how could you not have known that the St. Marys Golf Course is adjacent to the St. Mary’s Academy and College property? I am sorry you felt contaminated just parking on their property.

      Regarding the SSPX and the Catholic Church, read this:
      In particular, note this part from the Secretary for the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, Cardinal Castrillón, on Italian television channel 5, November 13, 2005:

      “We are not confronted with a heresy. It cannot be said in correct, exact, and precise terms that there is a schism. There is a schismatic attitude in the fact of consecrating bishops without pontifical mandate. They are within the Church. There is only the fact that a full, more perfect communion is lacking — as was stated during the meeting with Bishop Fellay — a fuller communion, because communion does exist.”

      For more info:

      Regarding Shakespeare and The Taming of the Shrew and the subjugation of women, where’s your sense of humor? It’s just a COMEDY!

      • Rechelle:

        Louise – If you google ‘Taming the Shrew Saint Marys – the link that I provided is the first one to come up. This is where I got my info about the show. As you noted, it does not mention the Academy at all. Why would I know that the St. Marys golf course is adjacent to the Academy? I don’t go to Saint Marys to play golf! Here is the article that I read (from wikipedia) that states SSPX is in schism. I am sure that your next move will be to state that wikipedia is not kosher – or maybe you won’t say ‘kosher’ because that is a Jewish word and I know how the Saint Pius X folks feel about the Jews. Nonetheless – I think Wikipedia is a better source than something called ‘renew America’ which has sounds like a right wing religious political site to me.

        On Pope John Paul II’s instructions, Cardinal Ratzinger replied to Lefebvre on 30 May, insisting on observance of the agreement of 5 May and adding that, if Lefebvre carried out unauthorised consecrations on 30 June, the promised authorisation for the ordination to the episcopacy would not be granted.

        On 3 June, Lefebvre wrote from Ecône, stating that he intended to proceed. On 9 June, the Pope replied with a personal letter, appealing to him not to proceed with a design that “would be seen as nothing other than a schismatic act, the theological and canonical consequences of which are known to you”. Lefebvre did not reply and the letter was made public on 16 June. For the first time the Holy See stated publicly that Lefebvre was in danger of being excommunicated.

        On 30 June 1988, Archbishop Lefebvre proceeded to ordain to the episcopate four priests of the SSPX. Monsignor Antônio de Castro Mayer, the retired Bishop of Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil, assisted in the ceremony.

        The following day, the Congregation for Bishops issued a decree declaring that Archbishop Lefebvre had incurred automatic excommunication.[22] On the following day, 2 July, Pope John Paul II issued an apostolic letter known as Ecclesia Dei in which he condemned the Archbishop’s action.[23] The Pope stated that, since schism is defined in the Code of Canon Law as “withdrawal of submission to the Supreme Pontiff or from communion with the members of the Church subject to him” (canon 751),[24] the consecration “constitute[d] a schismatic act”, and that, by virtue of canon 1382 of the Code,[25] it entailed automatic excommunication for all the bishops involved.

        There is nothing funny about the central message of Taming of The Shrew. Some Shakespeare scholars feel the show was either written in protest of the poor treatment of women in Shakespeare’s day and many also think that it is simply a show that depicts an egregious amount of depraved human cruelty. You will be hard pressed to find a Shakespeare scholar who regards the show as a true comedy.

        Let’s talk about Rizzo next! That dude has an interesting story to tell about the Saint Mary’s academy –

  • Kay in KCMO:

    I went to the SSPX website: and let me just say, that after *extensive* reading, these people are fuckin’ NUTS!! Seriously loony tunes! Religious freedom is a bad, Bad, BAD thing always. Also, if you’re not Catholic, well, okay (not really), but you’d better not express it. So all you Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, etc. you’d better not talk about it – just keep it to yourself. And don’t even get me started on birth control, specifically the rhythm method (bad, by the way).

    Fuckin’ nuts.

    • Louise:

      It is a dogma of the Catholic Church that no one can be saved except through the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church forbids artificial birth control. Likewise, the Catholic Church forbids parents from using natural means (NFP) to selfishly prevent Life when there is not a good enough reason (danger to mother’s health, and true poverty) to avoid a pregnancy.

      So, your beef is with the Catholic Church, not the SSPX. The SSPX is just passing along what the Catholic Church has always taught.

      • km:

        Also the Catholic Church really only likes women when it comes to them fixing flowers or cleaning the church, being the majority of massgoers and CCD teachers, and other free labor stuff. Even the dying pope was waited on and cleaned by the nuns.
        But we’re not good enough to say mass, just do the drudgery.
        In addition saving the foetus takes precedence over saving a dying mother regardless of how many kids she may have at home.
        And file them too as a User of women as slave labor in Magdalene laundries.
        That’s the mainstreamRCChurch, imagine the loony wing????
        Catholic=anti women (and disregarding of children’s wellbeing

        discl – Catholic baptized/communion and confirmed, Catholic school educated and raised in a predominantly Catholic country.

        I think Rechelle’s beef is with religion in general, cos frankly, there’s not too many winners among the various religious groups

  • Louise:

    Tax-deductible donations to restore the WWI Memorial Arch are being administered by the Kansas Rural Communities Foundation.
    then click affiliates, then choose:
    St. Marys Historical Preservation Fund.

  • Rechelle, your blog is so full of misinformation and hate for anything you don’t understand or ‘believe’ in, it is a really pity you aren’t ‘plugged.’

    • Rechelle:

      Tom – I used to be plugged, but then I got unplugged. I am a lot more comfortable now. I find it interesting that you and Louise both use the same tactics of insisting that my information is faulty. Do the Saint Pius X people really care that deeply about their public image? If so – then perhaps they should start with a wardrobe makeover for their women. The saggy skirts and frumpy blouses doesn’t exactly say ‘fashion forward’ to me.

  • hbdizzle:

    When you come into a place with preconceived ideas about a particular group of people, of course you would think you’d been duped. You in fact, were not. A war memorial, is a war memorial regardless of the grounds it was placed on, and you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it’s importance.
    The Shakespeare Under The Stars idea was born before the Academy even got involved. Like you said, they are extremely talented at banding together and organizing things so when this show had no where to be produced, they were helpful enough to make the show a reality.
    As a side note, I do not believe or support most of the beliefs they hold at the academy however I have become friends with a handful of people who follow that religion, and we can get a long just fine–even though I wear jeans and am a non-denominational christian. Not all people associated with the Academy are “lunatics.” there are extremists in every branch of religion, and kind and compassionate people as well.

    • Rechelle:

      Of course there are extremists, but very few groups contain priests that openly and actively deny the holocaust and think that exposing their children to female referees will damage their minds. Good grief!

      • hbdizzle:

        Right, but mainly what I was getting at was that this show/festival was planned before the academy got involved— they didn’t pick it because of the gender roles issues–it was picked before anyone associated with the academy was involved.

        • Rechelle:

          I find that very hard to believe. Will be interested to see those repairs on the memorial.

          • hbdizzle:

            Well I’m just glad that most people who came to see the performance aren’t as cynical as you are dear. I am good friends with the men who birthed this idea of a Shakespeare festival in SM. (they were not on stage at any time during the night) It started years ago in high school (the public high school, I might add). The entire idea/show was picked before anyone having anything to do with the academy was involved. When they agreed to help, make the festival a reality, then the idea was brought about to restore a war memorial that President Wilson had dedicated to SM veterans of WWI. If the show were performed at any other place, such as the park, would you be so highly critical and accusing of false fund-raising? Really, are you any better than they are? And if you find all this so hard to believe, I can’t help but wonder what it is deep inside you that makes you sound so bitter. It’s like you need someone to throw all this negativity on, no matter who they are. I sit here, telling you the truth, the reality about the situation yet you turn your ear away unwilling to hear it. I was trying to bring light to the subject, to reassure you…… but think what you will.

          • jalf:

            “Really, are you any better than they are”

            Well, at least Rechelle doesn’t “openly and actively deny the holocaust and think that exposing children to female referees will damage their minds.”

            I think that’s a fair reason to be a wee bit skeptical. Don’t you?

  • hbdizzle:

    jalf, haha yes i will give her that. but my friends picked this concept out long before the academy was in anyway involved and really that’s the truth. no need to take out frustrations about the academy on the performance of the show.

    • Rechelle:

      Why would you choose a show that so hideously smacks of male dominance in a perversely religious community like St. Marys? Do you understand how disturbing it was to anyone with even half a brain? And why would you participate in organizing a fund raiser for a group of people who already take advantage of both religious and governmental agencies to support their grotesquely large families that they cannot afford to maintain on their own dime? This makes no sense whatsoever.