Jack Vacuums

September 23rd, 2010


Whenever I assign the boys chores to do around the house, I always give Jack the easiest job. While his brothers clean bathrooms and wash windows, Jack only has to pick up a few toys or take a few items all the way up the stairs!  It’s because he is still so tiny.  He can hardly lift a cup of water by himself not to mention wipe off a table top!  But the other day it just seemed ridiculous that Jack wouldn’t be able to handle something a bit harder than putting his shoes away, so I shakily suggested that he could vacuum.  I was fully prepared for both of us to fall apart, but it didn’t happen.  He just ran off and found his dad’s radio head set and then he started to  vacuum!  It wasn’t even hard!  Neither one of us died or anything!  My baby can do real chores!  Next thing I know he’ll be doing his own laundry!







A mother can dream can’t she!


  • Kathy from NJ:

    Looking at you in your ballet picture yesterday really blew me away. It looked just like Jack dressed up for Halloween. Your faces are identical.

  • km:

    Did it not suck up the sugar !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My ten year old does his laundry. It can be done. Keep it up Rechelle.
    My husband does all the cooking (fireman)
    I’m teaching the 6 year old how to sew on buttons.
    My evil plan is all I’ll evenutally have to do is read good books and follow blogs.
    Mwhah ha ha……………………………………

  • LucyJoy:

    Jack is such a doll & those earphones! They’re almost bigger than his head! No wonder you didn’t have him doing chores before this. He IS a baby!

  • Sara:

    Sure, your proud of him now, but just wait, in a few years when he’s blaming you for taking his childhood innocence away, well we’ll just see how proud you are then ;)

    he’s just too cute!!!

  • I believe Jack and Luke need to meet. They seem to have much in common. Seeing that picture of Jack on vacation with his stuffed animal, so made me think of my baby. I don’t know about Jack, but Luke is always rolling his eyes, telling me that he can do it, he’s not a baby. I beg to differ. It was only a mere 9 years ago that I birthed him!