Comment #345

September 10th, 2010

The following comment appeared on PW’s blog yesterday..

“You forgot…try not to say fuck. That one is hard for me and I am a grandmother! And a retired school teacher!”

Wise words to try to remember.

Somehow it slipped through her filter – or maybe PW is suffering from a nervous breakdown?

Thanks to alert reader Heather for passing it along.


  • Hmm, interestingly enough I am blocked here at work from reading Ree’s words of wisdom. “The requested website has been classified as potentially inappropriate or harmful and has been denied…” I’m sure it’s just because it’s going to the ‘blog’ part of her site, but I kind of get the giggles that our web filter finds her potentially inappropriate or harmful!

  • Leah:

    I’m sure that Mrs. Drummond would shriek “Help me, Rhonda!” if she saw that and then she’d run out to the pasture (where her seven-year-old is driving a truck full of cattle) and drop to her knees (where her thirty-seven dogs have crapped) and give thanks for the boundaries of her gi-normous ranch that keep out the folks who say fuck. Then she’d remember that she’s supposed to be homeschooling her kids and she’d go back inside and wonder where they are and what they’re doing, shrug, put on another peasant blouse, eat a stick of butter, and hop on the next plane to the next talk show or the next book signing where she can take loads of pictures of herself in a saucy stance in hotel bathroom mirrors……she’ll be okay.

  • Lisa P.:

    Haaa! That made me howl. I agree-enough with the peasant blouses, photoshopped kids, butter, awe-gee shucks and that totally unspecial saggy butt of her down-trodden husband. Seriously, the guy looks like he’s like a do-over on his choice of spouse.

  • C.:

    Hmm, and I thought I was the only one who had a bad impression of PW. What a load of PR crap and costly at that. I don’t believe that she suddenly “came out of nowhere” to be so “hot.” I wonder how much hubby’s money went to promoting her blog/book/bad cooking/etc?

    I think she is FAKE, and using her kids as the fodder for her blog, not a good idea IMO.