Cat Nap

September 3rd, 2010


  • LucyJoy:

    Oh, how I love your show cat! I would just love to nestle my face into the fur of that cat & scratch her behind the ears! Ahhhh….

  • How kind of you to install that large decorative concrete planter there explicitly for her use!

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Your cats sure are purdy!

    You’ll appreciate my latest adventure. A friend saw a “Norwegian Forest Cat” at a rescue center who had not been adopted for over a year because people said she’s just too large and furry. Sounded like a perfect companion for my big furry Ed. However. What walked out was a very overweight cat, hissing and carrying on. Clearly not all that friendly. (Of course they said she never behaves this way and they don’t know what’s wrong.) They’d seen a tv show on NF cats and decided this must be one.

    I did not bring home a new cat.

  • Love the cat. It is brilliant!

  • Trudy:

    This reminds me of a cat I had who liked to sleep in the bathroom sink……