September 3rd, 2010


Last year we planted six fruit trees.

Two pears, two apples, a cherry and a peach.

This year I harvested a dozen pears, a dozen peaches and two apples.

We ate the pears.

The apples were admired for their mutant appearance and discarded.

Hopefully next year they will be mature enough for a better harvest.

I decided to save the peaches for a later date.



I washed them.

Peeled them.

Coated them in lemon juice and sprinkled on a bit of sugar.

Just enough for a hearty pie in the depths of winter.

So who’s the sturdiest pilgrim in the neighborhood today?



  • LucyJoy:

    Yum! Brilliant idea!

  • Gayl:

    Your orchard sure beat ours! We’ve had our 8 trees for two years and this year we harvested 3 pears, 2 apples, no peaches, and no apricots. Pretty disappointing. Your are really going to enjoy that peach pie next winter!

  • farmgirl:

    I also have a few fruit trees and wanted you to know—apples are incredibly hard to grow organically. They require many sprayings a year with nasty chemicals to kill all the pests that just love them. But I got the wild idea to “bag” each and every little apple with a ziplock bag and year before last had bushels of lovely organic apples–practically blemish free. However–even though I did it when the apples were nickel sized and did everything the same, nearly every single apple THIS year has loads of warts and blemishes as well as a worm(apple maggot) living up the middle. gasp sigh meh Just when you think you know everything…… don’t. :) I’m a bit far north for peaches so I do have peach envy now. :)

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Jelly! (Or jam!)

  • My father-in-law was an avid grower of fruit trees and had a great yield, but all of them needed spraying with pesticides to produce any “volume”.

    He lived to be 94 and I am sure he never wore a mask when spraying!

  • Lori:

    You are the sturdiest pioneer today!
    I would be but bow to you because you actually GREW your bounty. I had to buy mine; twelve quarts of salsa and 6 pints peach jam.
    I wish I could grow something other that potatoes, peas and rhubard…
    Anything else is just too much trouble!


  • susan:

    There is nothing yummier that sweetened fresh peaches..

    Notice you have several Jadite pieces. I would LOVE to own some since I adore the era of the 50′s diner. But alas it is too expensive. How many pieces do you own?