Yellowstone Day 2/To Wet Suit or Not to Wet Suit

August 20th, 2010

Day two of our Yellowstone/Teton vacation we drove to the top of Signal Mountain and enjoyed the panoramic view.  Signal Mountain is a little mountain that is in the middle of the ‘hole’ or the flattened our area that is surrounded by the Tetons, Yellowstone park, and a variety of other distant ranges on all sides.  This would be a view of the other ‘distant ranges’.  Sorry I don’t know what they are, but the river in the distance is the Snake River where we were to whitewater raft later in the day.

Here is my family looking all astute.

This is the Teton view from Signal Mountain which would be from the other side of the mountain.  I am pretty sure that is Jackson Lake in the distance.

On our way into Jackson to whitewater raft the Snake river, we were pulled off the road by the magnetic beauty of this building which turned out to be the Craig Thomas Visitor’s and Discovery Center.  From the road, the building was so stunning that I had to see what it looked like on the inside.

It did not disappoint.  For more photos or to learn more about the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor’s Center, click here.

In the photo you can see not only the massive limestone fireplace, but also a topographic map of the Teton area.  Can you see the hole in the middle of the surrounding mountain ranges?  That is how Jackson hole got it’s name.

The visitor’s center has excellent displays.  Here the boys run their fingers over the pelts of various animals that live in the Tetons.  We watched a short movie on the geographic formation of this area in the auditorium ate sandwiches out of the trunk of the van and then headed on into Jackson.

We were scheduled for an afternoon white water rafting trip so I had about fifteen minutes to walk around Jackson and snap photos before our bus left for the wilds of the Snake River.

A part of me wanted to just hang out in Jackson and skip the river entirely.

But I knew we would be back that evening to have dinner with the CD’s former nurse Ella and her husband Mike.  They had moved to Jackson only ten months prior to our visit.

So I rapidly took some photos of this extremely photogenic town and then got onto a bus with (I am not even kidding) twenty French people.  They all had wet suits on over their french bikinis.  None of the Americans had wet suits on (nor French bikinis).

“Why do we have these wet suits and no one else has them?” they asked.

No one was able to answer them, but I think it is because when you visit a foreign country, you are at the mercy of marketing even more than when you are at home.  So when someone tells you to rent a wet suit, you rent a wet suit.

Let it be a lesson to us all.

Don’t rent the wet suit until you see the natives renting the wet suit.

I was glad that I took the photos when I did, because when we got back from the river, the light was fading fast.

We walked around Jackson with Ella and Mike after we put our name in for a table at the Merry Piglets a Mexican cafe that is popular with Jackson locals.

For two days Drew had been very anxious to see a bear as he had been seeing warning signs about bears and bear proof trash cans and bear safe food storage in the campground and yet not one bear had crossed his path.  So when we saw this huge stuffed Grizzly in a store, we had to make sure that Drew saw it in case it turned out to be the only bear we saw.

And then we bought some fudge in a candy store.

And had a fabulous dinner with Mike and Ella.

Here ends day two of our Yellowstone/Teton vacation.

I did buy a water proof disposable camera and took some photos of the raft trip.  If any of the photos turn out, I will try and post a few.

Have a good weekend!

Making pink cupcakes for a baby shower,



  • M.R.:

    Wait a minute! You went on a whitewater rafting trip and all you have to say about it is that the French people on the bus were the only one in wetsuits? MORE! MORE!

  • When you post those pictures of your white-water rafting trip, could you also show us the pink baby shower cupcakes? Please?

    Also, did you tell the wet-suited French people about your attempt to buy a Coke in their country last year?

  • How cute that your baby is carrying around that wolf in these pictures! (You do have a baby, right?

    • Rechelle:

      Shelley – My teensy baby carried that wolf the entire vacation except when his dad made him leave it in the car – because the CD has his limits on how long he can tolerate his son carrying around a stuffed animal.

      • Ha! So darling (your newborn infant, not the CD)! Are the CD’s tolerance limits related to the fact that the stuffed animal is proof that money was spent? Or is it related to the fact that the stuffed animal is…well…a stuffed animal? :)

        • Rechelle:

          Both – but primarily ‘the stuffed animal is… well… a stuffed animal…’

  • Bobbie Thompson:

    What would a trip like that cost? I have never been on trip and would like to go sometime but need to save the money. What would I need to save.

    • Rechelle:

      It depends on how far away from Yellowstone you are Bobbie. IF you camp and make your own meals, a trip to Yellowstone is not very expensive. Y0u have to pay a fee to get in the park which is good for seven days and an overnight fee for camping (about $20 at these parks) and then there’s food, gas and any purchases you might make. When all is said and done, it’s far from an expensive vacation.

  • LucyJoy:

    Great photos! I LOVE, love LOVE Jackson, WY! Everytime we’re there we go to the Million Dollar Cowboy bar & sit on the saddle bar stools.

    You shoulda gone to the Gun Barrel for dinner. They have an excellent Elk sirloin. Yum!

  • Samantha:

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was there NOW!

  • km:

    I think I want to be in Jackson Wy, Why have I not heard of it before????It looks awesome.
    Do they have an excellent swim team who would like to invite a New England team to challenge them in a swim meet??? This seems to be the only way I see anywhere anymore.
    Also, I have every known stuffed animal including a polar bear who is bigger than a 6 year old. His name is, for some unknown reason, Freddy Jones. Niterade boy kisses him every morning and every night. The stuffed cheetah, who is now missing most of his insides, goes everywhere with us.
    Boys…they are kind.