Snake River White Water Raft Trip

August 26th, 2010

Look!  We all look so happy!  Like we actually like each other and enjoy being together!


  • LucyJoy:

    Beautiful! I can just imagine what happens after this shot – You head into rapids & Jack bounced out of the raft. That almost happened to me once on the Rougue River in Oregon.

    • LucyJoy:

      Umm…I mean the Rogue River…

  • Nice shot! Did you get to go through lots of white water? I bet the boys loved it.

  • JJ:

    Wonderful family picture! I make sure the smiley family pictures are out – then my kids talk about what a “great time that was!” They don’t remember the fuming, fusing or fighting moments as much. My daughter always mentions going back to the Smokey Mountains – how that was the BEST vacation – totally blocked out all of the WHY am I here with you people moments and terror she put us all through!

  • Alison:

    Nice picture Rechelle! What filter did you use in Photoshop for it? Or did you use an Action? I’m new to Photoshop, so I am only assuming you doctored this :)

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    Wat a great picture! You look like you’re all about to burst into song with a big vacation-themed production number.

  • Kathy from NJ:

    You have a beautiful family, Rechelle. Was this like Disneyworld where you paid $8 gazillion dollars for that pic? And did you have strangers in the raft(?) boat(?) with you?

  • Diane:

    Rechelle…you look lean and fit. Been working out?
    Great family photo!

  • Great photo- great smiles!

  • M.R.:

    Great shot! Now, give us more rafting trip details! It doesn’t have to be funny or insightful — just tell us about it!