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Look!  We all look so happy!  Like we actually like each other and enjoy being together!

Summer Ends

August 24th, 2010

And with it – a little exuberance as well.

Has anyone been watching The Pillars of the Earth mini-series on Starz or Netflix or some other network?  I’ve been keeping up with the latest installments via my best friend Netflix and with each episode I grow more and more dissatisfied.

I loved the book and the subsequent World Without End and wrote a post about both books.  I was really looking forward to watching the movie adaptation.  I remember the book was filled with plenty of debauchery and debasement with an extraordinarily evil villian (William),  but I also remember absolutely loving Jack and feeling like he was the very heart of the story.  In the film version – William is a quavering boy who operates at his mother’s beck and call and Jack is a distant, mute figure whose artistic endeavors seem leaden and uninspired.  I think the film was made off of an outline of the book rather than a true understanding of the characters.

And quite honestly – after Tom Builder was killed (played so gorgeously by Rufus Sewell) I have had a hard time staying interested.

And how exactly can one mention Rufus Sewell without referring to the greatest movie ever made?

Cold Comfort Farm.

Now, whoever made that film, based on the superb book by Stella Gibbons – got it absolutely right.

Pillars of the Earth however, is much better as a book – at least in my opinion.  What do you think?