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The Swinging Porch Bed

July 12th, 2010

For the past several years, the Pottery Barn catalog has carried a swinging bed in one of their outdoor furniture collections. I longed for one of those beds, but the price tag which was something like $1200.00 was way out of my price range.  I knew that my husband could probably build one if he had the time and the inclination.

Earlier this Spring, right around Mother’s Day he decided to give this project a try.

He came up with a simple design and built it to fit a regular full size mattress.

It has been a great addition to our screen porch.

We have all slept on it, but I think it works best for lazy afternoon naps with a book and a cold beverage.

I ordered a waterproof cover from Sunbrella to go over the mattress.

The Country Doctor decided to drill some holes in the plywood surface so that any rain that might blow in through the screens would drain out.

It has been a wonderful addition to the porch.  He’s built a lot of things over the years, but this swinging bed is probably my favorite.

A few weeks ago, while going about my regular duties of hiding all the Pioneer Woman cookbooks in my local bookstore, I stumbled upon this particular tome of fine cookery – White Trash Cooking by Ernest Matthew Mickler.

How exactly could I not purchase this volume?

Mein Gott!  It’s almost the exact opposite of the Pioneer Woman Cookbook!




Look at these photos!

They are beautiful and yet not a single eyeball glows with anime!

Not a single flower has been misted beyond recognition.

Not a single child has been plastered with a sheen of marbley perfection.

Some people are perfect just the way they are.

“crepes (go buy a package of flour tortillas).”

I love this book.

It’s my new bible.


In other news…

I have toyed with the idea of posting my half of the e-mail conversations that Ree Drummond and I exchanged over the years. I would publish both sides of our conversation, but somehow it doesn’t seem quite right and I doubt that Ree would give me permission to publish her letters even if I asked her.

But I guess…

could try…

So I wrote a letter to Ree.

It went like this…


Dear Ree,


Remember me!

It’s Rechelle…




I went to your ranch once?

You thought I had a baby?


This isn’t ringing a bell for you?

I was the one with the head lice.


That was me!

Sorry about that.

So anyway!

I had this great idea!  I thought that I would publish some of the emails that you and I have sent to each other over the past few years!  You know?  In the interest of posterity?  Would that be okay?  I know this may seem a little odd coming from me as I have been uh… rather um… just a teensy bit critical of your site and um… well -  maybe even of you personally lately.  You might have even considered publishing a step by step recipe blog where you fry my liver over an open flame and serve it with a side of my french fried fingers! No – actually you probably haven’t thought of that have you Ree.  But can I suggest it?  Because honestly Ree that would be hilarious…  and such a nice departure for you.  Lots of people would really love to see a new side of you.  Something that doesn’t involve your yoga pants or your husband’s uh… ‘tailgate’.  You know… the bitter side.  Because everyone has a bitter side Ree.  Even people like you, whose skulls are full of butterflies.  In fact, I think if you published a cooking blog that suggested any kind of cannibalism it would be a refreshing change from all those insanely vivid photos of freshly spritzed food items with the fuzzy backgrounds.  But then again, I am not a world famous blogger so what do I know?  Still – I don’t see why we can’t let bygones be bygones!  All is fair in love and the blogosphere right?


Right Ree?

So can I publish the e-mails Ree?

You don’t even have to write me back.

Just circle yes or no!




Go straight to hell.


PS – That last one is just a joke Ree!  A JOKE!  Can’t wait to hear back from you!

Love ya more ‘n my luggage!



I’ll let you know if she gives me permission.  Until then – I am going to go get some tortillas so I can make some of those crepes a la creola le beau!

I was looking over some old posts and I ran across this photo. I took it when we happened upon the sculpture of Bob Doris. Three boys happily smiling for the camera and then there’s old Mister Furrowed Brow in the background.  There’s always someone with a furrowed brow in my family, although I willingly confess that it is usually me.

If you can think of a caption for this photo, leave it in the comments. You can enter more than once, but try not to enter so often that you become an prickly irritant in the eyeball of the internet.  I would hate to have to furrow my brow at you.  I may see if Dear Charles can help judge too as he is far less prone to brow furrowing than I.  Hopefully we’ll hear from Dear Charles with the very first installment of ‘Dear Charles’ by the end of the day.  He has his letters ready to go, but his room is not quite ready.  We are waiting for the paint to dry.


The PRIZE!!!

The winner of this caption contest will receive a Jane Austen coffee mug!

I found these mugs because an alert reader alerted me to them.

Thanks Kathleen!

I am afraid that once I arrived at the Etsy site that creates these mugs,  I sort of lost my head and purchased several other items as well.

What is one to do when one stumbles upon mugs, clothing and note cards bearing hand written Jane Austen quotes!?!

Much too hard to resist!

So if you have a caption – leave it in the comments and win a Jane Austen mug.

I’ll pick a winner and if I can get a hold of Dear Charles, I’ll try to coerce him into picking a winner too.

Contest ends Sunday night.

Packing for a canoe trip down the Current River,