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“I was promised cake.”
Submitted by Geo
The above caption is my choice for this contest, but I also contacted Dear Charles and after laboriously explaining to him how these blog contests work and then asking him  if he wouldn’t mind choosing a winner he responded thusly…

Hmmm. I’m leaning toward “I am in love with Charles” by Cat, Chaps and Emma, just because it has a nice ring to it, but it is kind of hard to figure out why the dinosaur would be announcing it to the boys. With that one disqualified, I think I like

“’Goddamn overachievers!’, he scowled as he kicked his pipecleaner Moses under the table” the best, and my second favorite is
“As the children posed for the camera, the evil dinosaur could tell one had seen through his disguise.”

Hoping to the Particle I’m not too late,

Charles’s first pick was submitted by KM.
His second pick was submitted by Maureen MacDonald.

If KM, Geo and Maureen could email me at mysistersfarmhouse@live dot com with their mailing addresses, I will happily send each of you a mug.  You may request a specific mug, but if you manage to pick the same one, I won’t be able to make the magic happen and will be forced to randomly assign you a mug that was at best, second choice and at worst – third.  Sorry in advance for any pain this might cause.

In vain I have struggled,

River Recovery

July 12th, 2010

We floated the Current River in Missouri this past weekend and I am still recovering. And when I’m not recovering I am getting stung three times by a wasp while trying to water my garden. And when I am not getting stung, I am running kids all over hell’s half acre. And when I am not running kids all over hell’s half acre I am staring helplessly at my filthy house and seventeen tons of wet, muddy river laundry. I don’t know if I will ever get to sit down and play with my new blog. Dang it!

Hopefully I will get the results up for the Jane Austen mug giveaway by this evening. Late this evening. So late that it will be more like tomorrow evening or possibly the evening after that. I laughed all the way through the entries the first time I read them which was a nice distraction from the present chaos.

Off to find yet another distraction,