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This was my favorite stand.

It had the prettiest design…

And also – the best costumes.

At first I didn’t know what this vegetable was.

I thought maybe they were exotic carrots.

Or petite beets.

Or tiny red rutabagas!

But then I read the sign.

“Radishes” it said.

Sometimes I have a tendency to over think things a little bit.

Hey!  I told you it was exciting!

Happy Fourth of July!

We are in the midst of a very quiet holiday weekend.  In year’s past, the Country Doctor has organized and been one of the primary forces behind our local Fourth of July parade.  It is a really nice parade and our family spent most of the three or four past Fourth of Julys setting up main street, manning entrances and exits, and cleaning things up when it was over.  This year my husband decided to hand the reigns over to someone else and so we are staring down a very quiet Fourth.  Which seems kind of weird and kind of pathetic and sort of lazy and very non-spastic for us – especially for the Country Doctor.  It’s such a listless weekend (comparatively speaking) that maybe we should just go ahead and move into the nursing home or get ourselves hooked up to a respirator and have nourishment pumped directly into our veins.  As hoisting that spoon all the way up to our pie holes seems a bit daunting right now.

We are at loose ends.

How does one celebrate the Fourth without cleaning all the trash off of Main street?


In other news…

I spent a night at a fireworks stand with Jack and Ethan. We were on guard duty, protecting the fireworks from any bandits and robbers that might come sneaking under the tent flaps in the middle of the night. The stand is a fundraiser for Ethan’s choir. Much to our dismay, no one broke in during our night of surveillance. So all I got is a poor photo or our sleeping arrangements and this accompanying lame paragraph.


There has been plenty of baseball going on.

Turns out that my son Drew did break his thumb.  I had to take him to an orthopedic surgeon in Topeka because the break was in his growth plate.  The surgeon came into the exam room, introduced himself, looked at Drew’s thumb and then said, “The good Lord knew what he was doing when he made our hands, as they break all the time, but they generally heal without any problems.”

I just nodded and smiled at him, but of course a million questions about this surgeon’s deity were beginning to form in my mind.

The surgeon went on to further explain “Now a leg or an arm is a different thing.  If a kid breaks his leg and the break is in the growth plate, the leg can grow real funny.  It can grow out to the side or be shorter than the other leg.  It’s a pretty bad deal.  But when it comes to the hand, it usually heals very nicely.”

“Well that’s a relief!” I so badly wanted to say.  “It sure is a good thing that Drew broke his thumb and not his leg as this god of yours seems to be somewhat limited in foresight and insight as well as imagination and the old improperly healed sideways leg would make it pretty hard for Drew to run the bases!”

But I didn’t say that…

Because this surgeon was making a cast for my son.

Which is probably not the best time to ridicule a person’s beliefs.


We thought Drew’s broken thumb would mean the end of his baseball season.

But that has not been the case.

Once he figured out that he could fit a glove over his cast…

And wrap his hand around a bat.

He just kept right on playing.


In other… other... news…

I went to the Manhattan (Kansas) farmer’s market today and took some very exciting produce photos.  You may not think that the words ‘exciting’ and ‘produce photos’ should be in the same sentence, but you would be wrong.


Maybe you would be right.

It just depends on what your definition of ‘exciting’ is.

You can see these (exciting or not) photos at Farmhouse and Garden.

I would post them here, but I didn’t want to over excite anyone without fair warning.


In Summary…

Our town does have a really nice Fourth of July experience.

There’s a carnival…

That can honestly be a little too exciting…

A parade, and  a fabulous fireworks show.

It’s the ultimate in small town America celebrations.


Perhaps next year we should invite some people over to share it with us?

It would give us an excuse to shut down the respirators for a day or two.

Potato Salad and Homemade Ice Cream!