Jesus in the Wheat

July 23rd, 2010

This billboard hovers over Interstate 70 just outside of Colby, Kansas welcoming the weary traveler to stop and consider a few interesting points such as…

Was Jesus only three feet tall? Whose hand is that?  Why does Jesus look like he is in a trance?  Has someone hypnotized Jesus?  Why would anyone hypnotize Jesus?  Is the person holding the wheat bouquet hypnotizing Jesus?  Was Jesus a smoker?  Is Jesus being hypnotized by the wheat bouquet person so that he can stop smoking?  Why does this smoking cessation hypnotism program take place in a wheat field?  Is this billboard part of an anti-smoking campaign?  Is this billboard encoded with the explanation for crop circles?  Is Jesus standing in the wheat or is it only his head hovering above the wheat?  Is this billboard a blog about wheat weaving?  Do people still weave wheat?  Or is Jesus about to wave the wheat?  Does that mean that Jesus is a KU fan?  Is that why Mangino got fired?  Did Jesus have anything to do with the recent big twelve deconstruction?  Is he happy the Huskers are leaving?  Are you happy the Huskers are leaving?  Have you read this hilarious theory about the big twelve break-up?  Do you, dear reader have any further explanations for this very mysterious billboard?  If so, please – feel free to enlighten.


  • Cherie:

    We drove by this just last week! Jesus head floating in a sea of wheat… The only thing more creepy was the Jesus billboard, also along I70, that looks like a Jesus snowman blob that REALLY must glow at night when the attached light comes on…

  • DenverLARK:

    We just drove I-70 a couple weeks ago — What about the “JESUS IS REAL” sign? That was it, nothing else — just standing there in black and white. My nephew and I just looked at each other and said “Okay . . . ” and then laughed hysterically. Nothing like a “JESUS IS REAL” sign to make you wanna be saved. I think Jesus’s marketing dept. needs to step it up a little!

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Maybe he’s sitting down? Why does he appear to have grey or blue eyes? But my BIG question is – why does he look like a Westerner and not someone from the Middle East? Can the artists just not bring themselves to think of what he actually might have looked like? (Assuming he’s real – LOL!)

    @DenverLARK: laughing at the idea of Jesus’ marketing dept. They’ve failed in SO many ways!

    • km:

      Martha, if Jesus was alive today he’d be called a communist and a terrorist-looking kinda guy by the tbaggers.

    • km:

      I really appreciate his wavy hair :) Very metrosexual

      • Martha in Kansas:

        I usually refer to this version of Jesus as Triangle-Head Jesus.

  • km:

    two theories;
    Jesus is sending us a subliminal message telling us to support legalization of marijuana. If you notice his wheat looks like cannabis and he is sending us a stoner look.

    Alternatively he is rising out of the wheat and the hand does not belong to him. It belongs to us, we are handing him some wheat so that he can make a wheaten loincloth and come out of hiding

  • km:

    third theory- Jesus has lost the keys to the kingdom somewhere in the wheatfield. HIs annoying friend Peter hands him some wheat and says “is this it?” . “Jesus, Peter !” says Jesus. “You are one annoying bugger”

    • km:

      It’s a promo for Carrie Underwood’s new song “Jesus, take the wheat ”

      I’ll stop now.
      shuffles off…………….

      • Sharon:

        Thanks km, everytime I hear that song I’m going to be saying wheat instead of wheel along with that photo in my mine. lol

  • How do we know it’s Jesus…I assumed it was Kid Rock doing a promotional thing for wheat…he get’s confused for Jesus
    We know Jesus would only endorse products that are much more commercial…he’s a good capitalist

  • Oh Sweet Jesus! KM your killing me here. I especially like the Peter and Jesus theory!

    Wow, that is one creepy sign. And just in your face. Not as subtle as this video I found. Where he just kind of throws his opinion in as he sells siding.

  • Freaky floating head. It makes me think of Alice in Wonderland and that floating cat head. So maybe Jesus was a pot smoker or is it a hooka in that region? Whatever the actual reason/meaning is I like km’s theory about the keys. Made me giggle.

  • All I know is I want a Boulevard Wheat now. Yum.

    • So maybe this is a Boulevard ad campaign cleverly disguised as an innocent picture of Jesus in a wheatfield. The extreme fundies in Ks will never catch on!

      • Maybe Blvd should make a new product called Jesus Wheat, with this painting on the label! “Wheaty enough for Jesus, wheaty enough for you.”
        I’d buy it.

  • cps:

    I think it is obvious what this picture is trying to say. Jesus would prefer his tuna sandwich on wheat, not white. That or it is a protest against corn subsidies. One of the two.

    On another note, doesn’t Jesus look a lot like Gavin Rossdale in the mid 90′s?

  • Nancy:

    Jesus loves you more if you eat whole grains?

  • Stupid Idea:

    I think the wheat field is giving birth to Jesus.

  • I think the wheat is supposed to be a stand-in for marijuana. The wheat in the hand is posed to look like a marijuana leaf and Jesus is in a giant marijuana field and he’s saying that it’s OK to smoke marijuana. He’s saying he smoked it for many years and he’s OK, so what’s the big deal about marijuana?

    Anyway, that’s how I see it! :-)

  • Jaime:

    Really?? Can our state get any more back-assward and downright creepy?

    • Yes, it could be Arkansas or stone broke California. :)

  • LucyJoy:

    ACK! That’s a scary billboard! I’d run for the hills!

  • surreal for sure; my BIL lives out there and here more.

  • Kiara:

    Whatever this is supposed to be about, it’s a very bad advertising strategy. I’d high-tail it outta Kansas as soon as I saw this creepy man.

  • Kathy from NJ:

    Personally I think the picture looks like the cover of a Bodice Ripper novel.

  • Sarah in NM:

    Has anyone else driven through west Texas on I-40? there is a truck stop that is named Jesus Christ is Lord, Not a Swear Word Truck Stop and Gas Station. It’s amazing.

  • Kristin:

    Holy crapola…we just drove to Denver & back this weekend from KC. Somehow we missed Jesus in the Wheat. Thank goodness…my daughter would’ve had nightmares. But we DID see all of the pro-life billboards and, in Colorado, some lovely billboards that hopefully have scared my children away from meth forever.

  • kimj:

    The Jesus signs on I-70 in Kansas keep those traveling from Colorado entertained along the way…they take pictures of each one. And when they arrive here in Eastern Kansas, they take great pleasure in showing us those pictures – and laughing at us Kansans. We try to blame the Western Kansans.

  • Vive le Français!

  • Jane G:

    One is simply assuming that is Jesus. Maybe that’s just some Kansas organic farmer saying, “Well, will you look at this! Big ol’ stalks of wheat! Doesn’t get much better than that!” Because, really, I don’t think Jesus looked like that.

  • sheila:

    Maybe he is warning travelers about the the giant prairie dog in Oakley; or the van gogh sunflowers in Goodland? Actually I think it is a foreshadowing of the return of the band KANSAS…..Kansas farmers think they are god? Jesus is responsible for all the crop circles. Colby really is better than Goodland because they have Jesus and all Goodland has is the painting on steroids,

  • Rusty Trombone:

    “Wheat Jesus!”

  • east coast travelers:

    We saw this on last Sunday on a marathon drive from CO to NC, our first thought was of course – “Wheat Jesus!”

    Then, after bit of brainstorming and going through 70s rock icons, 3 dog night lead singer, kid rock, Charlie Manson – We decided it was -

    Barry Gibb in a Wheat field

    Although, right after a shower and before a hair dryer…

    Gotta love this land!

    Oh, and we drive Fords and Toyotas, sorry Dodge dealer – hope the government bailout doesn’t fall on your deaf right wing ears.