Flowers in a Glass Glass (No Ice)

July 18th, 2010

I used to have a boss who liked to drink a diet coke in the afternoon.  She would come out of her office and proclaim, “I really need a coke, but I want one in a glass glass… with ice.”  Then she would explain how coke in a glass glass tastes much better than coke in a can and how ice makes all the difference and how without the ice one might as well lick the coke off the dirty floor boards under her feet.  Then she would sort of stare me down as if I was supposed to present her with a coke in a glass glass with ice that very second, but I never had one ready for her so she would go downstairs to the vending machine and buy a coke in a can and the afternoon would spiral slowly downwards from that point.

I learned a lot of things from that boss.

Among them was the shimmering factoid that coke does indeed taste better in a glass glass…

(with ice, of course.)


  • amy:

    How very “Miranda Priestly” of her!

    • susan:

      The soft drink of choice (love Coke but drink TAB) HAS to be cold and then poured over ice. That way nothing is diluted.

  • LOL – my family thinks I’m odd because I only like to drink out of glass glasses – no plastic for me! Ice tea, water, milk, juice – they just seem better in glass.
    And yes, beer and sodas are always better out of the can although beer in a glass bottle is OK :)

  • Long neck beer bottles and a large mason jar for my “real” coke with ice!

  • Nancy:

    Crushed ice. As soon as I hit lotto I’m buying a huge crushed ice maker for my kitchen (I dream big). Everything tastes better in a glass glass with crushed ice – juice, lemonade, water, DIET Coke, libations of the adult persuasion…

  • Oh, I so agree with your past tense boss! I do not like to drink out of cans. And glass and ice and a COLD Coke go together so well. I also prefer crushed ice if possible. It makes a difference to me.

    • I still love the whole fuzzy background thing. After all this, the sharp focus against the fuzzy background , created by some mystical hocus focus, is still so exciting.