Even Stevphen

July 6th, 2010

Saw this at Unreasonable Faith and could not resist posting it here too.  Steve Carrel as an Islamic zealot.  TOO FUNNY!


  • Hilarious! I admit, I never watched the Office, but I love Steve Carrel. And as a bonus, your adserver popped up an ad for Despicable Me. I had no idea he was in that…off to click!

    My new threat – “When you die and go to hell, you’re going to wish you weren’t dead!” : )

    Really. I must watch more Daily Show.

  • I must remember to watch that show more. Still laughing!

  • km:

    the Daily Show really has given us some great correspondents and characters.

  • susan:

    so dang funny!! and both Steve Carrel and Ed Nelms were on the Daily Show before they joined the Office.

  • Kristin:

    Started to laugh, but then realized how true to life it is. Aggh!

  • Great! How can Steve Carell leave The Office?????

  • Rechelle:

    Steve Carell is LEAVING the OFFICE!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Laughed so hard I fell off my stool- very entertaining for the kiddos! Had to send it to my college boys- who promptly posted it on Facebook- they make their mama proud!\

  • Carol:

    IF you have been a fan of Steven v. Stephen on TDS- then you must watch this clip- from last night’s Colbert Report—