CDW Cranks up the CD…

July 6th, 2010

He is sort of like a wind up toy you know.

He has that sort of ‘take me to your leader’ quality.

Sometimes, when he is being particularly lively or unusually irreverent, or out of nowhere responds visibly to someone’s cry of pain (or cracks the thinnest of smiles at one of my jokes) I ask him if he’s had a new chip embedded in his head.  Much of the time I am positive that he is either a cybertron or an outright alien.  But in this photo I am really just cranking an old fashioned ice cream maker located just under his uh… his uh… his ‘hind quarters’.  The whole story is over at Farmhouse and Garden.  Do I really have to embed a link?  Can you not just move the mouse over the icon up there on the header and click that?  Would it kill you?  Just click on the ugly rose photo up there.  You can do it!  Yes You Can!

In the new blog, I will never have to write these ‘further clicking type’ paragraphs again.  So that at least is something!

Three posts in one day.  Weird.


  • Oh my god, I had cookies and budweiser for lunch too!

  • Jordan – laughed my head off. No really, I did. It is rolling across the living room floor as I type. Making it kinda difficult to type – but dang it! I am doing it anyway.

  • susan:

    I would bet you that my my son-in-law would make your husband look like the most reactive, outgoing and expressive person in the world. Really. I think the way he and Kelley are – as in ying and yang – is why their is a connection. But, it does DRIVE HER CRAZY at times. Me too since I actually converse, relate and express with people. Oh well….