World's Most…

June 27th, 2010

World’s most beautiful cat.

Sorry – but she is.

World’s most tuckered out eight year old.

(After a day of partying with his brother’s friends.)

World’s most destroyed English garden.

Damn those twelve year olds and their water balloon fights!

Although they probably put this struggling patch mercifully out of it’s misery.


  • Jaime:

    That cat is just waiting to bite someone.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    That is indeed a beautiful cat. I hereby make a request for more pictures of the show cats. Mr. Kay in KCMO has asthma and I developed a contact allergy 30 years ago so, alas, no kitties for us.

    Condolences on the English garden. Too bad it had to die. And it was only a few weeks old. It never had a chance. :(

    What’s been your situation re: flooding? Your neck of the woods keeps getting hammered (I’m addicted to watching NWS radar for the midwest).

  • Jaime – She will bite you, but only if you attack her underside.

    Kay in KCMO – We have gotten hammered several times, but the water is receding fairly quickly – at least where we are it is.

  • Ted Powell:

    Here’s a Sunday essay from PZ. Enjoy! A truly beautiful cat (albeit only the third-most)!

  • jamoody:

    I have the world’s most beautiful cat….sorry!

    It’s a shame they can’t make some kind of biodegradable water balloon…they are so much fun, but make such a mess!

  • GA in GA:

    She is a most beautiful cat. But needless to say one of my little kitties would argue your statement.

  • LucyJoy:

    I love your show cats! Ooooo! I wish I could reach through the computer & scratch her behind the ears!

    We just got a new kitten Friday. Maggie joins hubby & I and her two 6 YO brothers, Gwinn & Harley. She’s going to be a beautiful kitty, too. Long black fur with beautiful green eyes (at least that’s what color they look like they’re turning)!

  • Inga:

    We have gone through more than 750 water balloons since summer started. Every ties them or they don’t get to play!! So we have had a few tying lessons.

    Our long haired cat is getting knots, so I think I am going to shave her!! We had to do it last summer and I actually think she enjoys short hair.

    That is one tuckered out little guy!!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    LOVE the picture of your tuckered out boy!

    And is that one of your towels in the remains of your English garden? Eeekkk!

    Our ground is dry, but we are feeling the aftermath of the excessive rains. Our well water is cloudy, with silt in the toilet tanks and hot water tank, clogged filters, clogged faucet screens – bleh. All I’m doing is cleaning stuff so I can clean stuff. At least the well isn’t dry, I guess.

  • You seem to be taking the trampled garden pretty graciously!

  • A Show Cat! Hurrah! She is a beauty! And a special talent to stay that gorgeous as an outside kitty…

    Love the tuckered out baby. And thanks for the reminder to break out the water balloons. No fancy gardens to ruin ’round here. Just some grass in serious need of TLC.

  • Sorry, wold’s most beautiful cat lives with me. Yours is a close second though :-D

    (My cat can beat up your cat! :-P heheh)

  • susan:

    Beautiful cat and photograph!! Two weekends ago, I got 2 kittens (8 and 11 weeks or so) from a horrible county shelter outside of Rockport Texas. No A/C, in small cages and COVERED with fleas. My daughter also got 2 siblings for her menagerie at home. She only planned on one, but couldnt separate them. My son and daughter-in-law had gotten one about 5 months earlier that was awesome and ended up taking home an adult that was surely to be put down in the next week. All in all, 5 cats plus Tootsie from earlier were saved. Happy days for all and indoor cats do best with a companion.

    They will be STRICTLY indoor cats since Houston streets are not kind to animals.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Had an idea re: show cat: Put a camera on her/him!

    These are the adventures of Mr. Lee who has a camera on his collar. Seeing the world from a cat’s perspective is pretty interesting.

  • JJ:

    A kitty cam – my cat would destroy it – does not like anything on her! Beautiful cat, but sorry mine wins 1st – has a lightening bolt on her forehead like Harry Potter – not only is she beautiful, she is also MAGICAL. We also just adopted a new kitten – she wins the cutest kitten award!

  • I want that cat. I want to bury my face in its neck and live there.

  • Teri:

    Rechelle, what breed is your show cat? You may have covered this before, but I cannot remember. I have a short haired cat that looks very similar.

    • Teri – Breed? Uh… I think she is just a regular old ‘cat cat’. But we never say this in front of her.

  • I had a beautiful cat like that once.
    His name was Mortimer. He was the first live being my husband and I acquired after getting married. He ruled my heart for fourteen years.
    Water balloons did THAT to the garden?
    What were they using for balloons?
    Inner tube tires?

  • Susan O.:

    Wow — she ranks high in cat beauty, for sure! She looks quite a bit like Gina, my own WMBC, except that Gina’s ruff doesn’t have that white, face-framing, Elizabeth I/Mary Queen of Scots look.

  • Mackenzie:

    Makes me wish I was eight years old again. Sheesh. What a cutie.