The Freaky Flower

June 23rd, 2010

I was walking across the meadow to my neighbor’s house the other day and I saw this flower.

And I was all like, what the…????

What is going on here?

It kind of looks like two or maybe even three Black Eyed Susans grew together.

But then I was all like – what if my neighbor is watching me photograph this flower right now?

She probably thinks I am a total freak!

But then I remembered that my neighbor already KNOWS that I am a total freak.

So I took all the photos that I wanted to take of this freaky flower in my neighbor’s meadow.

It’s nice to have a neighbor that is okay with the freakiness.


  • Nanc in Ashland:

    Huh. It kinda looks like a fuzzy mallomar with yellow petals. Darn it, now I want a mallomar!

  • M.R.:

    I certainly hope you showed your neighbor the photos!

  • That is awesome! It’s like the Siamese twins of Black Eyed Susans!
    I love neighbors who celebrate in our freakishness.

  • LucyJoy:

    VERY cool!

  • Kay in KCMO:

    You went to your neighbors house, eh? No doubt to murder them. RIP Rechelle’s neighbors.

    Cool flowers. Nature is a wacky scientist.

  • p.j.:

    Rechelle -

    Will they let you have the seeds in a couple of weeks? You have the space to conduct some scientific breeding experiment next year, no? That is such a cool flower.

    I have some coneflowers that bloom white among my native purple ones. They’ve been around for several years; I have no idea how they came about. Last week I found a flower that was 2/3 purple petals and 1/3 pure white petals– like a blueberry pie in which someone inserted in a section of apple pie. Very weird.
    I want to save the seed (sorry, birds) and plant it next year.
    I am enjoying your gardening posts very much –please keep them coming!

  • It sure is strange looking, ha!!

  • Rechelle:

    Kay in KCMO – I laughed out loud. Yes, They are all dead.

  • The Neighbor:

    I was reading along and saw the line about the neighbor thinking you were a total freak and thought I have to comment that I know you are a total freak! I continued to scroll down and…you were way ahead of me! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I’m so okay with you, freaky girl!

    Now, about that mutant flower. What the…? Can we assume an evolutionary process? Or is it some weird chemical side effect? Let’s collect the seeds and see if we can reproduce it!!! Wha ha ha. It’s creepy!

  • GA in GA:

    WT??? Very weird looking sunflower. Hope you can save some seed to plant next year, just to see if it is a genetic trait.

  • Hallie:

    Wow, a mutant black-eyed susan!

  • Hallie:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a state fair category for mutant flowers?

  • Oh..don’t you know..that’s a Chocolate OREO Black Eyed Susie. Very common in the cookie flower world. ;-)

  • OH,,if you want to see another freaky flower..check out mine on my blog LOL

  • km:

    The McFlower

  • susan:

    how nice to be able to live where you can happen upon something so interesting. sure beats living in a congested city. the downside is that EVERYONE knows your business.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Cyclops Susan

  • Kathy J:

    There are genes which turn things off and on. My first guess is that somehow the “only make one of these” gene(s) got turned off. I don’t know that this would be something where the seeds would be fertile or pass on the trait but it could be cool to try.
    Once you know your flower has been pollinated the best way to save the seeds is to take some tulle, cut it into appropriate size squares and put loosely over the flower securing with a twist tie. The sun and wind can get to the flower but it keeps the birds and bugs off.

    This is the method I used when I was doing my masters research and needed the seeds from my frankly delicious flowers. A very determined bird can destroy the tulle but if there are other flowers to visit they will most likely leave yours alone.

    Oh – I might add that taking pictures of flowers is so NOT freaky!