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I just found out this evening that my favorite beer is going to switch from bottles to cans. The Tallgrass beer company which manufactures and bottles its beer just down the road from me is switching over to cans and cans ONLY.

Evidently the beermeister at the Tallgrass Brewing Company did some thorough research and concluded that the taste of beer from a can is completely indiscernible from the taste of beer from a bottle. I plan to conduct my own taste test as soon as the cans start appearing on the shelves and in the meantime I aim to raid every liquor store within a fifty mile radius and stock up on the bottled version of Tallgrass Wheat.

I just really, really, REALLY prefer that my beer come from a bottle!

Because it DOES tastes better!


Doesn’t it?

Besides!  It’s not just the taste! It’s also the difference between pressing glass to your lips and pressing a pointy aluminum opening to your lips.

And it’s also the difference between gesticulating wildly during heated debates with a smoky brown cylindrical bottle in your hand which tends to make one look smart and interesting versus jabbing the air with an aluminum can to dramatize your point which tends to make one look like a drunken fool.

You can read the Tallgrass ‘canifesto’ here, in which Jeff Gill, the founder of the Tallgrass Brewery explains his decision to switch from bottles to cans.  He claims it is a choice that will benefit both the beer and the environment, but he does not mention that canned beer will also increase his profit margin.  Not that I am against a local brewer making money!  Just not at the cost of my beer coming in a bottle!  Which is ultimately extremely ludicrous as I almost always pour my beer into a glass before I drink it.  Because I have to add salt and lemon to my beer.  I have to!  I can’t drink beer without salt and lemon.  It’s impossible!

I have a lot of beer issues.

And these days I only drink one beer.

Tallgrass Wheat.

So why are they SCREWING IT UP!

What do you think?

Is the bottle thing totally in my head?

Does an aluminum container have little to no effect on the taste of beer?

Is it possible that an aluminum can actually improves the taste of beer?

Look for a weekend taste test if I can still find both the cans and the bottles.

It may take a lot of beer tasting before I can make up my mind.

So if the post staggers all over the page and then jabs the air with an aluminum can…

You will understand won’t you?

Do you have a favorite beer?

And do you prefer it in bottles?

Or cans?

Hey guess what!  Mrs. G. put an old post of mine up at The Women’s Colony!

Holy Crap!

I feel like I just won the Nobel Prize!

It’s an old post – but dang it!  I just re-read it and laughed all the way through.  Yes, I do laugh at my own jokes.  In fact – I laugh THE LOUDEST at my own jokes.  What can I tell you? There is something broken deep down inside of me.  It jiggled loose a long time ago… when I was laughing at one of my OWN JOKES!

Thanks to Mrs. G for publishing it.

In other news…

Oh My GOSH!  I am loving the photos that you all are sending to me.  I wish you could see them.


You CAN see them!

Just as soon as the new design is ready to go.

I always knew that the people who read this blog were awesome.  Now I can see it for myself.  Because it is written all over your faces.  And sometimes it is written all over your cats… and your gardens… and your dogs… and sometimes it is written on your babies and your barware and your favorite vacation spots.  Would love to see more of you.


Not that kind of ‘more of you’!

I mean ‘more of you’ in the way that means only the parts that are thoroughly covered with clothing!



That doesn’t sound right either!

I mean send me photos of yourself while very DECENTLY CLOTHED!

Or send me photos of your animals WHILE VERY DECENTLY CLOTHED!

Send me photos of anything BUT PLEASE PUT CLOTHES ON IT!

It’s for the new gallery of readers that will be on the new site.  Send the very decently clothed photos to  You may include a link to your website with the photo if you would like.

Running around like a headless chicken with mad cow,

(Isn’t summer supposed to be relaxed?)


Mugshots Wanted!

June 1st, 2010

I need your photos!  

Photos of you!  

Or just your favorite photo!  

Or just a totally random photo that is easily accessible on your desktop at this particular moment.  

I am working on a new design for the site and I would just love to include a gallery of readers in the new look. The photos can include a link back to your own website if you would like or they can be entirely link-less.  Whichever you prefer.  If you are interested in being part of the MSFH linkable (or not linkable) mugshot gallery of readers, please send your photo and any accompanying link you would like to include to

Muchas Gracias!