Jesus Trumps Pioneer Woman – Can I Hear an Amen?

June 10th, 2010

Over the past few months I have frequently been accused of criticizing Pioneer Woman to increase traffic to this site. I am the first one to admit that my job as a blogger is to be interesting to my readers. This would be why I avoid posts on unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming the area rugs and picking the cat hair off the sofa.  And hell yes!  The PW phenomenon is interesting to many people in the blogging world for a variety of reasons. I am happy to be one of the few who represents the side of Pdubyadom that does not involves blowing butterflies out of my butt to gain her favor.

Still, as I was recently looking over my stats, I noticed that a few items on my blog are of far more interest to the internet than Ree Drummond.  Here are the most popular search terms that have landed people on my blog over the past three months…

my sisters farmhouse 14,769
my sister’s farmhouse 5,248
mysistersfarmhouse 2,616 1,151
sisters farmhouse 951
my sisters farmhouse blog 836
my sister’s farmhouse blog 744
wilted lettuce 569 455
country doctor’s wife 424
julia child husband 327
country doctors wife 290
julia child’s husband 277
sisters farmouse 276
rechelle my sisters farmhouse 250
the country doctor’s wife 234
country doctor’s wife blog 192
my sisters farm house 176
rechelle 169
jim from the office 155
julia child and husband 150
julia and paul child 147
ladd drummond 136
farmhouse blog 134
country doctors wife blog 130
my sister farmhouse 125
my sisiers farmhouse 116
cowboy josh 115
paul child julia 108
my sisters farm 107
my sisters farmhous 93
mysisters farmhouse 90
ree drummond fake 89
countrydoctorswife 89
cowboy josh pioneer woman 84
farmhouse blogs 82
my sister’s farmhouse pioneer woman 82
jim the office 72
gromit 72

my sister’s farm house 71 70
mysister’sfarmhouse 67
my sisters farmhouse pioneer woman 61
the country doctors wife 60
my sister rechelle 59
my sisters farmhose 58
julia child paul 57

julia child and husband photos 56

how to make wilted lettuce 55
pioneer woman movie 55


I suppose if I was really interested in writing for traffic, I would blog solely about Julia and Paul Child, wilted lettuce, Jim from the Office and my one and only true love, Gromit.

My interest in uh… examining the PW blog does generate some traffic, but not as much as one might think.

Because Julia Child totally kicks Ree’s ass in my search terms!!!

Isn’t that beautiful!

Guess who else totally kicks Ree’s ass?

That’s right!


This site gets far more response when I write about casting off the shroud of religion as opposed to when I write about casting the Pioneer Woman legion off my blog.

Here are my top twenty posts over the past year. You can see that the home page gets visited the most. But the next most popular landing page is the ‘apology post’.  The Pioneer Woman movie story comes in a distant third.  It would appear that dissing Ree Drummond is of significantly less import to the world wide web than is dissing Jesus.

(Might I then suggest that Hollywood consider making more films that delve into skepticism rather than films that feature wealthy conservative housewives who become overnight sensations due to their mad skilz at turning their babies into anime via photoshop?)

Home page………………………………………………………………………………..499,122
Former Christian Apologizes for Being Such a Shithead………………………20,021
It Pays To Suck Up To Pioneer Woman. Que………………………………………..9,634
Pioneer Woman – The Movie!……………………………………………………………7,402
Biblical Flood of Christian Homeschooler ………………………………………….6,740
How I Became an Atheist – A Parable …………………………………………………6,489
Rechelle Welcomes Local Baptist Congregation………………………………. .5,884
Contact Rechelle………………………………………………………………………….. .5,765
Untitled (The Goodbye Post)……………………………………………………………..5,601
I Had Head Lice When I Went to Visit Pioneer Woman…………………………….5,116
Finding My Viscera – Parts I and II………………………………………………………4,918
Behind the Blogger…………………………………………………………………………..4,484
Word O’ Whenever……………………………………………………………………………4,397
Aw Jeeeezus Joseph and Marrrreeeeey!………………………………………………..4,358
Ree Drummond – Who Should She Channel Next?………………………………….3,942
Private Christian Schools – A Handy Euphemism for White Flight………….. …3,457
CDW Writes Better 10 Commandments Than God………………………………….3,376
Finding My Viscera Parts III and IV and Mercifully the Conclusion…………….2,926
CDW Sits in Ash Heap and Scrapes Her Boils She Feels So Bad…………………2,850
I Hope You Get More Tolerant Soon Rechelle!……………………………………….2,793
My First Time – A Church Camp Flashback…………………………………………..2,742

Overall, of the top 20 posts, 51,313 visits landed on stories related to atheism.
In comparison, only 31,012 visits landed on PW stories.

So Jesus wins!

Or rather,

Rejecting Jesus wins!


Besides, Julia Child is way better than both of them put together!

Which reminds me…

Last fall I wrote Ree an email about the Julie/ Julia movie.

She had sent me an email regarding the “I Wish I Had a Wife Post” saying that it was ‘very poignant’.

Here is what I wrote back to her…

Oh holy crap Ree.

What do I do about the world famous blogger that shows up in my in-box every once in a while? It is like getting a letter from Meryl Strep! It freaks me out every time.  Total Freak Out!

Speaking of Meryl Strep – did you see Julie and Julia yet? OMG! Awesome! Meryl is incredible. I drug Mike with me as penance for ruining my life. He went meekly. Then I made him buy some new pants. He resisted weakly. Then I made him buy me a wireless printer at Best Buy. I am thinking that I am going to get a new laptop out of this whole miserable mess. WooHoo!

Not really…

But sort of…

Gosh – this would make a great post!

Go see Julie and Julia. The ‘blogger’ is pathetic and I was hoping that it would teach Mike to value his wife’s blog, but instead it made me despise myself and my blog. But Meryl… Meryl… oh Meryl is so wonderful and Julia is so wonderful… I wish the whole movie had all been about Julia.

And then I did write a post about it…

But Ree did not respond to my question about Julie and Julia.
I always wondered why.
Why is it that a cooking blog as widely read as PW Cooks never ONCE mentioned the movie, Julie and Julia?
Does that not seem a little strange coming from a blogger who pummels everyone she meets with her movie quote imitation trick?

Feel free to share your own Ree/Jesus/Julia Child conspiracy theories.

Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam,



  • Stacy:

    What is her movie quote imitation trick?

  • Brian V.:

    Cheese-us wants me for a sunbeam! I’d pushed that one out of sight for years… till now… Thanks a LOT Rechelle;-) Now, the brainwash ditty church basement songs go round in my head again… Let’s git goin’ on “Hide it under a bushel, NO! I’m goin’ let it shine!” The musical march of the Toxic Waste Baptist Church INC… Do you know what happens to little boys and girls who haven’t taken Jesus as their personal saviour? Do you know what eternal means? For ever and ever. Hold your hand near this candle. Careful now! See how it burns?

  • Megan:

    I don’t know what it is about that movie but I bawled at the end. The very idea that Paul died 10 years before Julia finally joined him broke my heart, even though I knew that going in to the movie. Meryl Streep was just amazing and made me fall in love with Julia Child. She seemed like the most fantastic and exciting person ever.

  • ReeGirl:

    You are such a self-promoter. It is hilarious that you mock Ree for the very thing you are doing in this post.

  • Wow, only four comments until the posse arrived. I had my bet on at least eight.

  • Kait:

    Why oh why are PW’s posse even coming here anymore? Can’t we just not mention it at all any more. Perhaps if we ignore it, it will slowly fade away.

    I still haven’t quit laughing over the bosom squishing post. I have forwarded that link all over.

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    For you Julia Child lovers I recommend reading Appetite for life : the biography of Julia Child, by Noel Riley Fitch. It goes into detail about her time in the OSS, where she met her husband, and how she got started with the French cooking while her husband was posted to France as a diplomat (or attache?–it’s been a few years since I’ve read it!). She really had quite the interesting life.

    I wish Jesus or nature or someone would send some sunbeams my way–I had to drag out my fuzzy hat and gloves this morning because it was 45 when I left to catch the bus. . .

  • Ted Powell:

    I would characterize the current article as more self-analysis than self-promotion. And really, it’s more reader analysis than self analysis. I think somebody is projecting.

  • Someone got to my blog using the search term “free movies porono sister and brother”. I don’t know what they found that matched that search, or what porono is. Maybe I should be concerned.

    The only other interesting term was “cats lhc”, which might have something to do with the Large Kitten Collider.

  • Reading The Help now. Will get Appetite For Life next, thanks Nanc in Ashland.
    As for Ree being a draw here, feh who cares? People are going to think what they want to think no matter how much you tell them to the contrary. Although it cracks me up that Ree Drummond Fake was up there.

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    Susie–I just finished The Help! Fantastic read.

  • Erin:

    She said your wife post was “poignant?” Interesting choice of words… :-)

    I still have to see that movie and read the book – I’ve heard so many great things about it! And also need to read The Help!

    Having children ages 1 and 3 really cut into my personal reading time – I have a backlog of books I need to read. I do a lot more reading of “The Big Red Barn” and our favorite of the moment “I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato” (Charlie and Lola)! ;-)

  • jamoody:

    I agree with Erin. I’m perplexed by the usage of “poignant” regarding the I Wish I Had a Wife post. Just absolutely perplexed.

  • Oh for the love of She-Ra let it go. You’re worse than the Lab in the movie Spanglish.

  • ReeGirl (whatev) If I was interested in self promotion, I would have heftily padded the numbers. Something that Ree would almost certainly do.

  • And then I would have written twenty five fake comments telling myself how awesome I am.

  • Mandy:

    Rechelle – When I read this manifesto by Maureen Johnson, the first thing I thought was that the microphone clinger had to be PW.

    Props to The Bloggess for the link.

  • I just toddled off and read your Julie & Julia post, and I have to agree with you on this: the Julia portion was much more compelling than the Julie portion, but I think that has a ton to do with Meryl Streep being who she is and Julia Child being who she was (and let’s face it: France! In the late 40s/early 50s!). That’s a hard duo to combat, and the DVD has turned into one of the background noise DVDs I use while working (along with Fargo, Monsters, Inc., and WALL-E, amongst a few others). I always have to smile when I hear Meryl sing-song “bon appetit”.

    The book Julie & Julia is fairly interesting, as is the original blog, which I stumbled upon about two months after Julie Powell began her project. The film, I think, makes things more dramatic and whiny than they may have been in reality. The blog itself is still up at for anyone who wants to check it out an read through it. Not a terrible way to spend a few minutes every day to see how someone decided to spend a year on something.

  • Read “My Life in France,” Julia Child’s autobiography that she co-wrote with her grand-nephew.

    Someone somewhere suggested “Bloodland” by Dennis McAuliffe. Explains how some white people ended up with Osage land.

    Will you write about how your atheism has affected your family? Do they all still go to church, but without you? Does it matter?

    I’ll have to try wilted lettuce. I’ve done wilted spinach salad, but apparently this lettuce thing is all the rage. :P

    My dad hates shopping too. My mom buys his clothes. He tries them on at home and if he doesn’t like them, she has to return them to the store. Once, she saw a great deal on a suit at a store that wouldn’t accept returns on suits. So she dragged my dad there, and he was so uncooperative about trying it on, only sticking in one arm. Drove my mom crazy.

  • Action Squirrel:

    Hm. It would make sense to hitch her star to the current Julia wave, but perhaps she doesn’t want to be associated with the blogger in the movie and is overthinking it? Or maybe she worries about Julia being the wrong brand companion… too old, too foreign by association? Too sophisticated for her base? Maybe she didn’t like the movie, maybe she doesn’t like French cooking. Who knows.

    In the end who cares.

  • Wandering chopsticks – none of us go to church. This has made everyone deliriously happy. Church was a pain in the ass.

  • Priss:

    Mandy, I think you’re on to something. Loved this line from that link:

    “And I’m not saying the other woman IMMEDAITELY went off and clubbed a baby seal, but I have no evidence to the contrary, so let’s say no more about it.”

  • ReeGirl2:

    That’s exactly what you did, Rechelle. I mean really, you are like some homely junior high girl badmouthing the popular pretty girl. It’s soooo unbecoming and juvenile. Whatever you think of PW, she is not trite and nasty. And by the way, you might want to be a little more are hedging very close to the line on libel laws.

    • ReeGirl2 – I think (unless you are Ree’s second daughter Paige) that you cannot make this statement until you have met her in person like I have. She could be extremely trite and nasty you dimwit. Do you really think that PW is Ree Drummond? Therefore it might be you who is edging very close to breaking the libel laws.

  • Gwen:


    HAHAHA. That was a good one. Rechelle is far from homely and Ree Drummond is just not pretty. Dumpy? Yes. Haggard? Yes. Pretty? Nope. Not a chance. Nice try though.

    Btw, it looks like “Wetsy” or Ree’s mom is visiting your blog again Rechelle. Unless ReeGirl2 is actually Ree herself!!! In which case, hey Ree, you’re not pretty. Like, at all.

    And your kids? They are GOOFY looking. And your hubs? Average at best. Get over yourself.

  • jalf:

    > And by the way, you might want to be a little more are hedging very close to the line on libel laws.

    No. She really isn’t.

    It may surprise and shock you, but bloggers are allowed to criticize other bloggers. Heck, even non-bloggers are allowed to do it. And saying that someone “almost certainly” exaggerates their blog’s traffic stats isn’t on the top 10 of the FBI’s list of serious crimes. It’s not even on the top 20.

    This isn’t self promotion. Self promotion is an attempt to promote yourself, to attract readers, to gain popularity. This post doesn’t do that. It doesn’t say anything about how awesome Rechelle is. It just examines how many people have read which posts, and how people find the blog. And it expresses the author’s opinion about another blogger. You might not like that opinion, but hey, don’t read it then.

    I really don’t see what the fuss is about.

  • ReeGirl2:

    Jaff, you obviously are not a lawyer. The libel laws apply to bloggers just like they apply to everyone. Purposely printing false statements about someone else – especially when done repeatedly with Rechelle’s obvious intent to defame PW – is illegal. Tread carefully bitter, nasty Rechelle and all your nasty followers.

    • Does ReeGirl 2 mean you are Ree’s second daughter? I love people who make threats anonymously THE MOST!

    • Hey Ree Girl 2 – How do you have time to be a lawyer and fake your own comments on your website?

  • Yay, the haters are here, the haters are here!

    I was just reminded of something something an old friend of mine used to sing all the time- ‘What’s the big deal about Jesus? I can walk on water when it freezes!’

    That really doesn’t have anything to do with anything, I just wanted to say it!

  • ReeGirl2:

    Ah, Rechelle, name calling is so classy. As is naming juvenile children on the internet. As a lawyer, I will tell you, watch out. And I think this collection of reviews of your writing “skills” says it all:

    • ReeGirl2 – That’s writing SKILZ missy! Paige, Paige, Paige, Paige, PAIGE! I bet you are a lawyer. And I am the FUCKING queen of France!

  • Another Lee:

    Hey Rechelle, congratulations! You’ve got a whole discussion thread dissing you, now you are coming up in the blogger world!

    (I mean this as a true compliment, not sarcastic, in case my tone didn’t come through the fonts well.)

    • Another Lee – I visited the link. You know – these days when I see comments that all sound and look basically the same, I tend to think that they are written by the person who has created the site. Which is why I think that Ree does this as well. I suppose it is possible that there would be thirty comments in a row that all basically say the same thing and use the exact same phrases and sound like they were written by the same person, but I highly doubt it. It is just too easy to create your own comments, come up with a dozen identities and fake a conversation. It is secrets to successful blogging 101. Pad your comments, pad your numbers. Look successful and people will think you are successful. I just don’t happen to buy it. I think ninety percent of the comments on that thread are fake.

  • Gwen:


    How is Perez Hilton still online and so successful then, ey?

    Rechelle, I know that you already know this, but you’ve got NOTHING to worry about legally.

    ReeGirl2 on the other hand appears to be making threats and harrasing, and that in fact IS illegal. What a dumbass lawyer, huh???

    Also, just so we are all clear, Ree’s children are Alex, Paige, Bryce and Todd.

  • gumshoe:

    ReeGirl2: An anonymous lawyer? I don’t know any attorneys who would choose to make anonymous and baseless threats. That’s pretty laughable. Which law is she violating? Truth telling? Or the horrible crime of — gasp! — statistics publishing?

    And at least Rechelle doesn’t mislead people or delete comments. Man, you need to get out more. Or retake your bar exam.

    Also, I’m a doctor and my diagnosis is that you have a stick up your ass.

  • Bob's Mom:

    It seems to me that ReeGirl2 has a point. Libel laws make a difference between “celebrities” and “regular folk.” The law is much more lenient toward “speak” about celebrities. So question becomes, which is PW? However, even if she is deemed a “celebrity,” the law does not protect ANYONE – journalist, blogger, commenter — from saying blatantly false and/or dangerous comments. Just ask Tom Cruise, who has won tons of libel lawsuits. And if PW is deemed by the courts just one of us “regular folk” – the standard to win a libel suit is much , much lower. I’d advise to tone the rancor down. Pretty sure PW doesn’t read this blog anymore, but someone might clue her in, and she probably will get her legal hacks working on the whole “exposing her children to the internet without her permission” lawsuit going. Just sayin’.

    • Bob’s mom – I suggest ‘creepy cyber bully’ for your moniker instead. Her children’s names are all over the place – including here. Alex, Paige, Bryce, Todd.

  • gumshoe:

    The names of everyone in Ree’s family have been published in one place or another long before they were mentioned here. PW herself posts photos of them and stories about them. That in and of itself makes her a public figure.

    If this is libelous, nearly every blog and message board would be on notice for one thing or another. And, there is nothing blatantly false or dangerous here either. Tom Cruise had other issues.

  • Diane:

    As always, I enjoy your posts about Ree. She is about as phony as one can get, and I like the fact you expose her for what she really is.

    As for Julia – well there was a wonderful lady – nuf said.

    Keep it coming – it’s fun.

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  • Anonymous:

    Bob’s mom,

    Let’s cut the crap and just call you ReeGirl3. The only “point” that ReeGirl2 made is that she is a bumbling idiot who knows diddly about the law. You don’t seem to know much about it either. So, you should pretty much just shut it, because you’re really not making any headway. Unless your objective was to make yourself look stupid. Which you accomplished by the way.

  • Gwen:


    If you think Rechelle is bad, THIS will make you pea-sized Ree-loving brain EXPLODE! All the LIBEL!!!! All the SLANDER!!!! All the TRUTH!!!!!! OMFG!!!!

  • Darn it. Did I miss “dress up like a lawyer on the internet” playtime?

  • Gwen:


    Can you tell where ReeGirl2 is posting from?

    • Gwen – It appears that she is coming from Spokane. When I click on the IP number that is associated with her comment I can see all the comments she has made on this site and all the identities she has used. So ReeGirl2 is also – Bob’s mom, Claire, Pt, SrWininDC, JoAnninWA, Cate, Mary and ‘The Zadge’ which comes with a legitimate blog address attached to it –

      In general, she tends to ride me about criticizing PW, but her first comment was on the head lice post and she said, “This is hilarious…the thought of going to “Jackie O’s” ranch afflicted with the Lice!! Love it!”

  • Sue D.:

    Seriously, sometimes the comments are a better read than the blog.

  • Gwen:


    Wow, that is very interesting, and scary! What a loon. And such an odd, odd twist that she started off as a PW hater and warped into an stark raving fan. That’s so….backwards.

  • scd:

    Everyone in the Drummond family (and extended family), including the children, have been named repeatedly for years in the media. (Sometimes in rather unflattering articles about their propensity for speeding.) Naming the children is nothing new and Rechelle was far from the first, so get off that dead horse. Ree herself is quoted in numerous articles that name the children. I think it’s pretty weird that she names them everywhere else in the media BUT on her blog, but whatever, she’s weird anyway. She didn’t say what state she lived in for a long time either, until after it was said over and over in the media.

    I think the main reason she tried to keep her last name a secret for so long was to keep her readers from understanding her wealth during the time she was building the site on a pretense of being an ordinary ranch wife. This might even be related to why she kept her state a secret for a long time, too–she didn’t want people putting two and two together and coming up with Drummond. The entire foundation of her site was built on the pretense of being an average, isolated housewife. The multi-millionaire aspect was contrary to her marketing strategy during that time.

  • Cheyenne:

    Rechelle, I think this post has the recipe to top them all. Jesus + PW + Julia and Paul Child + wilted lettuce + entertainingly irate commenters. Oh, watch the numbers climb. Bwahahaha…you and your evil atheist scheme to take over the blogosphere, lol!

  • Megan:

    Ree had no problem with her kids being photographed and named here:

    and this woman should be arrested because she published the kid’s names over a year ago!:

    and certainly fake lawyers everywhere will be suing this woman for libel too:

    I’m off to go camping in the actual wilderness with my unphotoshopped heathens. We will be cooking food over an actual fire, food from a cooler! Maybe I should start a blog empire about what a pioneer I am! Have a great weekend.

  • Lynn:

    Actually, this blog is just not very interesting or well written–just mean spirited and weird

  • Gwen:

    Why are you here then Lynn?

  • Becky:

    Gwen are you the bouncer?

  • Gwen:

    Indeed I am Becky! I do it for free :)

  • Could someone tell Ree that she needs some GD bangs, please? Her forehead is high enough to land a 747 on.


  • Wow. When did you get so bitter? You used to be funny. And you are this nasty to someone who was kind enough to invite you to their home.